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May 28, 2009


Guys, if you want to know where the economy is headed next, look in your underwear drawer.


(Thanks to Colleen Tolton)


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Those of us that go commando are clueless.


Dye them all brown - they'll look like new.

Flour sacks last forever.

My underwear indicates that hard times are ahead.

... what?

Key comment on the msn page:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 8:37:34 AM
I buy my undies on eBay - if they're NIP (new in the package), if they're being sold as part of a clearance, overstocks, odd lots, retailer's liquidation, etc. It's a great way to the good, expensive stuff for just a few bucks. Much better than Marshalls.
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Lots of good headline possibilities.




MSN. Your source for brief economic reports.

Ye God! Recession would be an upgrade.

The Underwear Indicator WBAGNFA SpongeBob episode.

"Folks such as Greenspan don't seem to look as closely at women's lingerie...."

I did NOT need that visual, TYVM.

Save our economy - for Father's Day, buy your dad underwear.

Women's skirts go up as the economy improves.

Really. Google for "hemline theory".

By extension, pent-up demand means underwear should be among the early risers when growth returns.

Just takng out the word sales gives the article a whole new meaning.

So..if one wears a thong...does that mean the economy is hanging by a thread??

Now I understand what Obama means when he says his economic policies will have full transparency.

What about sales of pink slips?

*looks in drawer* Hmmm... so, we're entering the tenth year of this recession, eh?

Key quote: Bra Sales Headed Up?

Inquiring minds...

Also, while you're in there, if your porn collection is out of date, that's another recession indicator.

I saw some young female sex advice columnists on TV claiming that ALL men have porn. One girl asked them, "My dad's a minister, are you saying HE has porn?" They replied, "Yes, it's in his sock drawer."

A whole lotta porn got relocated shortly after that hit the airwaves.

"If you're put off buying replacements -- and your significant other hasn't done it for you -- then guess what? The recession probably ain't over yet."

Being a celibate cheapskate, I guess the recession will never end. Oh, well.

"Widespread bullishness also leaves the markets more vulnerable to surprise bad news"

just move the 'i' from bullishness and add a 't' and that sentence make a whole lot more sense.

*looks in underwear drawer*

*sees plenty of extra batteries*

Wheww! I'm good.

No pictures from CJ or Sharkie or any of the other blog guys? Bummer.

Tried posting them Cyndy but Typad rejected them. (Zips back up)

Typepad must be shot then.

What if you keep your socks in your underwear drawer?

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