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May 28, 2009


Those of you who have no lives whatsoever been around this blog a while may recall when we got involved in an exploding-cow controversy with Wikipedia, which concluded that the exploding-cow problem was imaginary. Fine. We will let bygones be bygones, and not reopen any old wounds with a can of worms by linking to this imaginary story.

Key Imaginary Quote: "I got a call from my dad, who was driving along the motorway, to say cows were exploding."

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Sorry, not funny.

Everybody knows they only farm sheep in NZ.

*Imagines exploding web servers*

The farmer has to realize that when he uses the electric chair method of killing livestock,his power rates are going to be raised.

Wikipedia is obviously a communist conspiracy run by the North Koreans. They can't handle the truth!

Yes! I missed Exploding Cows on their last tour.


*SNORK* and a big *WAVE!* at Arctic Al. I miss you, Friend. :)


I just wanted to draw all of your attentions to the real tragedy of this story... the one line note hidden in the middle of the story:

"A hedgehog was also killed."

It sounds like a Hemmingway novel... The Sun Also Rises and A Hedgehog Was Also Killed.

Next Farming story:
Free goat with every ute

(The latest offer from a car company)

well...how does fried beef taste? you know they didn't all that meat go to waste

Dave sure angered the fact-checkers at that fabricated information portal.

When I was a kid we had this electric hot dog cooker. I can't find a picture of one but the principle is - in typical guy-like fashion - demonstrated here.

The staggering bull that had to be propped up reminds me of Lee Marvin's horse in "Cat Ballou."

"Elsieee, you gotta lotta 'splodin' to do...."

I wonder, was it a European or African Pygmy hedgehog?

LOL pad!

Comeuppance at last!

I hope cows don't really explode. I live across the road from a cow pasture and I really don't feel like cleaning cow pieces off my front porch and yard today.

I beg to differ. The Cows were communist spies. The farmer was doing his duty to stop them. Or that is what we used to say while running really long distances in Cross Country practice.

"Don't pee on the electric fence!"

Boom goes the dynamite..er...cow!

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