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May 26, 2009


But there's a limit.


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I almost sent this one in. Phooey. I have a large yellow lab and as much as I love her.... I'm not sure. I thought snakes were afraid of dogs.

Here's the guy and his dog, Tank, which is short for "Tanker Truck" apparently.

Jenkins received four vials of anti-venom medication.

Jenkins and his mother were stunned at the cost -- $3,500 per vial.

"I thought they were joking," his mother said."I thought they meant $35."

I blame Harry & Louise.

i think i'd have gone with amputation.

Poisoned dog snot. Yum, whut's for dessert.

We'll miss you, Lucy!

The poor snake must have been scared to death. The last one I ran into was polite enough to warn me to back off. I did, because I was only about 3-4 feet away and that was too close for both of us.
Seriously, I was looking for rattlers but I made sure my wife knew where I was and I had a fully charged cell phone with me. Of course, I WAS wearing shorts.

In case anyone wants to know the proper treatment for rattlesnake bites:
Sucking the venom is probably ineffective, and dangerous if you have any cuts in your mouth or if you swallow it.
The best way to stop the flow of venom in a dog bitten on the nose is to cut off its head. This may have undesirable side effects.
Far more people die of bee stings than snakebite in the U.S. each year. Sucking on a sting won't do much either.
Just be nice to the snakes and bees and creepy-crawlies. They've been around a lot longer than mere humans, and they know it.

Did I ever tell y'all the story of when I caught the head of a chow?


Good. It's icky.

That's one expensive dog.

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