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May 28, 2009


Freddie Prinze Jr. joins '24'

(Thanks to Martini Shark)


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The benefits of not having a tv keep mounting. I am blessed.

8 minutes? What is that in Jack years?

All these guest "stars." This is turning into "Love Boat" with automatic weapons.

Freddie Prinz, Jr.???

Not my job, man!

This is great news....Janis needs a love interest on the show.

But is Former Special Agent Walker returning?

COOL! Does that mean that Scooby Doo is next on the guest list???

Mrs. Prinze would have been a better choice.

I'm with you, ron.

I hope he has his thigh armour on.

Yeah, Buffy has saved the world way more times than Jack.

I thought his wife would have been a better choice too.

Isn't this kind of a spoiler? If he follows in Jack's footsteps that means Jack is going to live. Of course we knew that. I missed our 24 blogging this week.

If they are grooming that yutz to take over in future seasons then the show will have jumped-the-shark, nuked-the-fridge, and every other franchise-killing eupamism that exists.

Don't be shy Sharkie! Tell us what you really think.

* spoiler alert, spoiler below *

He's a MOLE!

Very considerate of the Jack Sack website to offer Jack tips on what to see and do in New York next season...

along with the indispensable Zagat Guide...

and on the off chance that he has time to eat anything, of course he'll need to know about knishes...

Any Noo Yawkers out there? Did they get it right?

oops, sorry: knishes...

Those are the world-famous Gabila's Knishes, and, of course, they are available online.

Prinze, Jr. can't possibly be any more annoying than Janeane Gawdawfulho was...and Janeane definitely WON'T be back for Season Eight. Wish I could remember those links where I saw that one...

...And yeah, I think Prinze Jr.'s wife would have been much more believable as a successor to Jack.

"Middle East leader," hmm. And daughter of Middle East leader . . . I've been thinking along the lines of a Guantanamo Bay tie-in somewhere in there (as in what happens when the prisoners are released from Gitmo). Maybe so, maybe not.

Yep, oneblankspace, reportedly Former Special Agent Walker has already signed on for next season.

Isn't anyone else having withdrawl? It was actually a relief when 24 ended this most painful season--but I miss the blog. So now there's no 24 as well as no Medium, House or LOST. We have watched "Broken Arrow" twice so far just to remember what really good action flicks are like. Could they bring in John Woo as the head writer, director and producer???

I surrender.... after the bad, bad, awful season before (not to mention the year's delay because of the writer's strike) I swore I wasn't going to watch "24" this season, but got sucked in. I'm soooo disappointed. Where's OurJack who uttered such memorable lines as "I'm gonna need a hacksaw"? We're reduced to GrandpaJack sweating, grimacing, collapsing from Evil Canister Exposure. Ho hum. Not gonna get me next season, no siree.

I totally miss the blog too. I really don't miss the show. Miss the blog. :(

I'd like to know if the Feds have figured out they have all sorts of traitors in their ranks, all around them in every postion and no one can be trusted?

Here we go again, with all sorts of traitors and turn coats, and they work for bamma

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