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May 22, 2009


A study ranking states by driving ability does not have Florida last.

(Thanks to hockey pup)


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KNOWING the rules is not the same as FOLLOWING the rules. I live in Massachusetts, the 7th worse. Boston is just like NYC.

North Dakota only has 5 cars and 2 of them are in the repair shop at any given time, yet it can only get up to 12th place.

No matter which state I am in, I always have the right of way. Isn't that on the test somewhere?

Rhode Island's only as big as a Target parking lot anyway so everybody's fighting for the same space.

They'll change the ranking, Dave, as soon as they find their way thru the Miami Airport.

Hi christine! I'm a native Masshole! Learned all of my offensive driving skills there!

*proud to be 41st runner up*

Hi Christine and Punkin. I also learned to drive around Boston.
We can do rotaries!

There are rules?

43rd?????? I don't think so. Did they count the hanging chads?

" Most of us have trouble, according to the results, with "questions about yellow lights and safe following distances." and freaking YIELD signs.

And no I am NOT bitter.

The District of Columbia came in only 44th? They must not have figured in all those with immunity-granting diplomatic plates.

That was exactly what I said when I saw this on the news this morning. I live in New York, I've driven in New York for umpteen years, and to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, New York is no Florida when it comes to bad drivers.

And as Meanie could tell you (if he'd admit it), New Jersey is worse than New York too.

Don't even get me started on Boston.

I was driving in Boston during the Big Dig.


Try driving in Jo'burg with thousands of mini-bus taxis for whom no road rules apply, and anywhere else in the world is a mere doddle. I was more relaxed sitting on the wrong side of the car and driving on the wrong side of the road in LA, than I am during my daily excursions into the demolition derby of Johannesburg traffic.

I've heard from friends that Boston is a terrible place to drive. Here in NC people love to ride your bumper. I've always thought it was because they are constantly working on roads and the drivers behind you have decided you look like you know where you're going so they're sticking with you. I expect anyday to have one follow me into my driveway.

This study was skewed against Floridians. People without a license would not take the test, ditto those who cannot speak the language and thus cannot read roadsigns. Hell, yesterday I was THIS close to getting out at the traffic light to reach into another car and snap off his turn signal lever. After cutting me off 3 times I was certain he did not need the damned useless item.

Were any obscenities uttered Sharkie? During stressful times like that just go to your happy place.

My experience in Virginia (Motto: Expect Delays [I actually saw that on a bumper sticker]) suggests that it should be illegal for people under the age of 18 to watch NASCAR.

I have to check myself all the time because I have a company vehicle. As proactive as I might get I have to remember litigation and unemployment would follow. If I were on two wheels though all bets would be off.

Florida is not the worst?

*steals two wheels off of Sharkie's truck*

Go for it, man!

GAINESVILLE, Fla. The conventional wisdom is true - the person who winters in Florida before heading back North is most likely to be a New Yorker over 55, a new University of Florida study finds.

So there you go.

Jeff - it's the NJ drivers who always practice in NY who made the difference. They simply can't grasp the concept of a left turn.

I cry foul. New Jersey isn't part of this planet. How can they even be on the list? Also, the test is knowledge of the road rules, not driving skill. That explains New York. They probably know the rules... but just don't care.

We're 36th! We're 36th!

Meanie, not only the left turn but pumping their own gas boggles the Jersey mind too.

YIPPEE! My first time being posted!!

*sends wingpup an honorary Florida driver's license*

There can be a great difference between knowing the rules and being a good driver. Knowing that the speed limit is 60 does not mean that driving 30 mph in that area is better.
I believe that Dave is a great writer, mostly because I have low taste, but I doubt he would be as good if he obeyed all the rules of writing.

Idaho is the best? I disagree. I've driven Idaho. Oregon should be first, we are excellent drivers.

Tied for 8th best! Yoohoo! (dodges cornstalk)..

In Egypt one of the mini busses, I swear, was driven by a 14 year old. Can this survey go Global?

*thanks Siouxie*

It's the adjunct test that messes you up. Floridians are not as good shots as NJ drivers.

You blame Florida's ranking on the weather. All the lower ranked states (except Hawaii, and EVERYONE knows they are all just lunatics in Hawaii!) have to deal with winter. Florida would have been much worse in the rankings if they had any kind of snow down there.

I take issue with Mass. being ranked above Calif. (Hey, three points is three points!) I've driven that "roundabout" system, and am convinced NO ONE knows less about safe driving than those wild and crazy Commonwealth inhabitants inmates.

Don't get me wrong -- I love Boston, when I'm taking the T! (Don't worry, I always put it back.)

*hums "MTA"*

Can anyone explain why (I just bought and registered a motor home in Florida) my insurance is twice the previous owners amount because I have a California drivers license? Said motor home is never going to California.
I'm thinking about getting a Florida driver license.

Boston has major intersections with no traffic lights. In New York, traffic lights are considered to be advisory only. I won't drive in either city. For even worse drivers on this continent, try Mexico or Montreal. Dashboard shrines regulate traffic patterns in the former, and horns and French curses in the latter. Heavily armored vehicles are recommended, although a large bulldozer will often work.

So the bad drivers in Florida aren't actually Florida drivers but the visitors from all the other states.........now won't that will make you feel better when the cut you off or hit you.

I've driven in New York, LA and Miami... and I have to say, that Miami drivers were by far the most openly psychotic.

Well, Dave, don't worry: that survey is the result of a written test.

Having been a resident of the People's Republic of California most of my adult life, I can safely say that I have seen the absolute worst (and most completely insane) drivers anywhere - in Las Vegas.

Although here in SoCal we have a new rule (but not yet codified into law): the right of way goes to whoever has the largest vehicle.

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