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May 29, 2009


A former steel worker from East London has secured his place in the record books by moving 17kg of live maggots from one container to another - in his mouth.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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At least with Fear Factor there's a chance to win a lot of money doing sh!t like this.

People will do anything to get publicity from the Dave Barry Blog!

Unless someone assures me there are no pictures of this I'm not clicking on that story. Someone I trust like Siouxie or Annie. Like Dave I'm going to assume he's single and has never been kissed. If he keeps this up he never will be either.

cindy, the picture is just an arm with worms (moggots?) crawling on it.

Now the version I sent in a week ago from The Sun does have pictures you may not want to see: Maggot Man in the act.

Key quote: "I had been practising at home with rice for months but until that day I'd never had a mouth full of maggots."

A Mouth Full of Maggots - GNFARB.

Sorry, maggots

Maggots, moggots. I'm not looking at it. I will take your word for it.

Too early in the morning to look at either picture. Blechh.

"Maggot Man," an article about Mr. Bell's feat from the Sun, posted by Jeff Myerson on May 22nd in reference to the morgue with no air conditioning:


Includes not only a nauseating photo, but also this quote:
"I was getting bits of their innards caught in my teeth and gums and my face got very sore. I must have swallowed loads of them but I managed not to be sick."

I will also not be reading anymore of Clown Puppy's (Puppies?) posts before noon.

Britian's Got Talent.

How does he know that it was like sticking one's head down a filthy public toilet?

*SMACKS* Jeff for whining...again!

cindy, if you've already had breakfast, and it didn't include live maggotty cereal...don't click ;-P

I do admit that Jeff's photo is more disturbing.

I bet they had lots of protein, Siouxie.


If this guy ever does secure a woman he can never complain about the quality of her cooking after this.

And the feds wouldn't let Blago do this on TV? What were they thinking?

I will also not be reading anymore of Clown Puppy's (Puppies?) posts before noon.

Posted by: nursecindy | May 29, 2009 at 08:49 AM

I won't be reading them AFTER noon, either. ><

Sharkie, if he does, I have a feeling he's going to have maggots in OTHER parts of his body. Permanently.

Also, Dave - I assume there are 7 days in a week. Some things are just a given.

Diva, I completely agree.

The worms in the Ananova picture are not flesh-eating maggots. They are "superworms" which I buy by the thousand to feed my lizards and fish. They eat oatmeal and potatoes. Most pet stores have them. If you want to eat them yourself, I recommend the flavored versions, particularly BBQ.

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