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May 29, 2009




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Which one is Dave?

Now you are really rubbing shoulders with the big wigs!

Who gave Joe Biden the red tie ?

One of these things is not like the other,
One of these things just doesn't belong . . .

I refer, of course, to the one without a blue shirt.

Blue shirts and Square Pants. Looking Good.

Nice beard, Ridley!

Sponge Dave Blue Shirt

ahoy spongebob. regards to patrick.

This has all the makings of a bad Burger King ad!

Hey Ridley, when is the new Lou Boldt coming out?

So, are the three of you are going to Krusty Krab for dinner?

"Sponge Bob" isn't wearing an ID on a lanyard. He must be an intruder.


I hope Dave brought lots of hand sanitizer. Sponges are full of deadly bacteria.

Did SpongeBob show Dave his Florida driver's license?

First they meet Clifford The Big Red Dog then they get to meet Sponge Bob. Some people have all the luck. The only famous people I've ever met was Billy Joel and Mariah Carey. Bummer.

Dave must get awfully tired, what with the holding in his gut all the time for the photos.

So....where's Dave & Ridley's other hand??

Is that Billy Joel on the left?

Every person is all in blue.
With the exception of you know who.


I thought you guys were supposed to be working!?!

As long as he holds that gut in!

Square Pants Convention.

Dave buys his own pants, doesn't he?

WAC, but does he buy his own underpants? The WTC wants to know...

Shame on those of you who insinuated that Dave is holding his stomach in! I think he looks very fit. Sponge Bob could stand to loose a few though. Maybe they could just squeeze him a couple of times. (Sponge Bob, not Dave or Ridley)

SpongeBob's just retaining water. Dave and Rid look FAB, as usual.

*glares at gut-sucking accusers*

Hey, that's no sponge, that's a loofah.

Givem the look in Bob's eyes, I know where Dave and Ridley's other hands are.

This is an impressive celebrity photo op.

Most sponges loof around. Never could get Square Bob Sponge Pants right.

Um, um, I just said it cuz someone else said it and that's why I thought he looked sponge-worthy....... hey, are you just trying to suck up, Annie?

BTW, local paper did a thing on boy-bangs today, and DIDN'T include Dave's hopeless timeless look! I'm going to send in a pick. Bangs never went out of style, for those who can't do anything else...

Tash, trying desperately to untangle the mess on her own head

D'OH Now I broke the Pad, my finger barely touched my touchpad an, it posted before I previewed. Now you'll all really hate me! I take back everything I said!!!!!!

rut roh. Mooooooommmmmmmmmmm??? Tash broke the blog!


Tash, we used to be able to 'feex' this but typepoop has deemed us unworthy.

I for one welcome our crustaceomolluskpiratical StrikeThrough Overlords.

Dave, why are you wearing SpongeBob's square pants?

Hope you had fun at the Javitts Center, Dave (Also known as the End of the Earth, the place that no cabs will come to, and the area that you have to walk at least a mile to get to a halfway decent restaurant)

I'll be there in a couple of weeks - can you tell I'm excited?

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