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May 29, 2009


Here we are with Clifford the Big Red Dog. God help us if he breaks wind.05292009309.jpg


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Dave the t-shirt would go well with your blazer,if it's blue.

Ahhh, coffee at the Javit's Center. Good times.

Don't they look nice? Considering Ridley has been in China, and probably suffering from extreme jet lag, he looks great! It took me weeks to look normal when we came back from there.

Woof. Sometimes I wish Our Host carried a large pin with him...

Breaking wind. Maybe that's how all those dogs fly.

So...where's Ridley's other hand??


Buy our book, pleads Mr. Barry.
Please buy all that you can carry.
We faithfully promise to write more.
When we get this one out of the store.

Hey, Dave, don't forget to post some pictures of Tunnel Bunnies while you're in the neighborhood!

Here's some non-bunny crazy current events.

OK, there's ONE bunny.

Oh, Clifford! I thought he meant Ridley.

Is that the ghost of John Ritter I see hovering in the background under Clifford's tail?

If, as the other link pointed out, Dave and Ridley are strumpeting then technically they are strumpets. Shouldn't they be dressed a little more revealingly?

"God help us if he breaks wind."

Or worse yet, mistakes you for a fire hydrant...

I would just like to point out that "Big Red Dog" anagrams to "God!!!, beg rid!!!! Jus' sayin'...

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