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May 28, 2009


Standing Tall

(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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Westward expansion.

Must be the rodeos.

Boston can just put a red sock on it.

cheesewiiz - That's why they call him Big Papi.

You'd think with all them oil derricks out there settin' a good example...

'For when your corn is just not as high as you'd like it to be'

So maybe not EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas.

7 of the 10 "hardest" cities are in the Northeast. We're just full of manly men.

Judging from the image on the "Not Yet" posting, none of the cities along the eastern seaboard should be on this list.

I'm surprised no Northeast cities are on the list. I've heard it gets pretty cold there which would cause 'shrinkage' so you'd think they would need it.

We doan need no stinkin' vi@gra, cindy.

I see 5 of the 6 limpest cities are in Texahoma.


And I thought Alaska was the home of the "manliest" men. What happened?

Providence RI was #11, followed by somebody I haven't found yet (12), Miami (13), and San José (14). I think I remember Yonkers was #15, but I have closed that window.

Minneapolis finished ahead of St Paul, and Tampa beat St Pete. They really wanted to have 100 cities, I guess.

Wow, Texas placed three times. Guess that's as much action as they've seen in a while.

Such a waste considering the town was built on the lubricant industry.

Whew, that Arlington entry had me concerned for a sec. Fortunately, it's not the Virginia one.

Well, that lends a whole new meaning to that old country song "Livin' on Tulsa Time..."

not everything are bigger in Texas ! .. :D

What's up, Tulsa?

Boo, The VA Arlington is just limp wristed.

' Men in Boston had the best sexual health, according to the ranking. '

Or the worst health insurance.

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