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May 01, 2009


A ferret carer has lost a ferret.


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Either I've lost my mind or typepad is playing tricks on me. I know this post wasn't here a few minutes ago. Dave posted this at 3:13 am ? Maybe it just woke up. Hope they find their ferret.

This wasn't here, cindy. Unless we're both taking the same drugs.

Siouxie, we're the only two that have commented. Maybe we're the only ones that can see it????

You may be right. We're posting in a parallel blog-universe.

*cue theme from Twilight Zone*

I can see it too... I bet the bot is just messing with our minds!

Will they ferret it out?

Sorry, I was out looking for a ferret.

The Albino Ferrets would, for some people, be a good name for a rock band.

"She has been missing for some time, and is thought to be somewhere near St Mary's Church."

That's good information, we should wrap this up pretty quickly...

At the very end they mention: "If you think you have spotted Tara, who is an albino..." That would have seemed more like the lead info in spotting the wayward critter not the last. But, perhaps, they have a lot of white rats in the neighborhood that keep getting confused with albino ferrets and so find the distinction not really relevant.

Or, it could be a racial profiling thing.

Tara? I'll think about it tomorrow.

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