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May 30, 2009


Now: turkeys.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Update: Also, deer.


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They are taking over!! One nearly flew into our car a month ago.... and I saw one standing - STANDING, mind you! - in a driveway last week! And the so-called U.N.....

And of course "Rogue Deer" WBAGNFARB....."he bucked and bounded and banged against the walls".... sounds like a great concert!

You mean.. one day, the whole herd of wild Turkeys that live here,could just barge thru the window and make our Team meetings actually interesting??

Mostly, they just defecate on and scratch our cars...

Deer, here, just get shot....


"he bucked and bounded and banged against the walls," -- or, if not a concert, since it was a motel, um

As God is my witness...

"Tom Turkey! Come on down!" This wouldn't have happened if they had been watching Oprah.

As I understand it, some young buck went to a motel, tore up his room, took a bath, had a nap, got shot up with some valium and left.
Just another night for a Colorado Rampage.

Wild Turkey is always a welcome guest.

Also Young Buck and the Rogue Deer.

She had to get the Chihuahua into the other room...otherwise there would have been a turkey vs. dog fight that would have gotten everyone upset.

Deer Nuts: Just under a buck

"Boom, boom, boom," Dan said, describing the ruckus in the room.

When you mix young bucks and Wild Turkey, this is bound to happen...

dern the bots, HOLD ON, I'll get the right link in a second...

I MEANT... Boom, boom, boom

The turkey "shocked" her?

Jeezely ... the wild critters are carryin' cattle prods now?

Next thing we know, they'll be puttin' down "unfriendly" fire ...

I always thought that a turkey's natural habitat was the kitchen.

Loudmouth, last time I had Wild Turkey, I was NOT a welcome guest... in fact, I'm wond'rin' if this story was "plucked" from that incident... "wattles" away quietly

In related news, Mykelti Williamson has been cast as the head of New York CTU in the 8th season of "24."

With his two-toed hooves, the animal managed to not only turn the bathtub faucet on, but he also thrust the stopper down, blocking the drain. Water spilled over the lip of the tub, and the room flooded.

I am impressed. I can never get the bathtubs in hotels to work right, and I have an opposable thumb!

I guess we should let the octopi try next...

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