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May 27, 2009


Man Uses Live Swan to Beat up Victim

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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How do we know it wasn't the swan's idea? It's a well known fact swans hate east Germans....

Emos are retards.

Flipping the bird, German style.

No no no, you use flamingos as clubs. Did Lewis Carroll teach us nothing?

I knew tearing down that wall would bring nothing but good.

Mr. Gorbechoweveryouspellit, put up this wall!

Of all the pictures of beautiful swans to choose from . . . . .

Ah, the Rod Hull school of self-defense...

(Let's see how many fellow geezers get that one...)

Reminds me of this.

Wow Loudmouth. Whoever that odd person wearing the feather boa on his wrist is sure has some serious mullet issues.

Clown Puppy that's Charlie Sheen and I still think he looks hot!

Sure they weren't doing Swan Lake? Sometimes I feel like I've been hit after a long evening of that! (poorly done - I'm a dance fan)

Or wait, Swannee River?

"Duck!" will forever now be changed to...

Did that poor swan take a dive or what!

Aw, a drunk's swan song.

Isn't "swan" the future past perfect indicative case of "swing"?

Swan are tough birds. Shouldn't that be swans?

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