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May 29, 2009


(Thanks to Andy Walker)


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If anyone ever tells me they have to go because their carrots have just text messaged them that their thirsty I'm calling the men in the white coats on them. Have they ever heard of a sprinkler system? If it's just a few plants maybe they should invest in some of those Aqua Globes.

Subtract "their". Add "they're". I'm experiencing difficulty with grammar today.

hopes it can be modified to automatically text my sweetie to bring me more beer.

I'm sure it can, cg, but where are you gonna clip it? ;)

"Thanks for the wat... wait, this smells funny. Hey! What's that dog doing here?"

At last, an answer to the ages-old philosophical question. Henceforth, when a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there, it can send a Tweet, "Help, I've fallen, and I can't get up."

My plants communicate their need for water by wilting.

Plants?? wazzat?

NotSherly.... brilliant ! My guess is that will remain a pretty popular method

Ring...ring... " Hi, this is your plant. I'm thirsty. " " I don't have any plants. " " Oh, sorry. Wrong number. " click.

Pretty soon our dogs will be texting:
Dog: S'up
Human: Just working. What R U doing?
Dog: Just sniffin' some butts.
Human: Sounds like me at work.
Dog: LOL!

Thanks Jazz. I do the same thing when I need a beer.

"Duuuuude, quit bogarting the water. Share the wealth, bra. LOL" --Your Hemp Bush

I never knew that carrots had thumbs.

His name is Stoner. I wonder what kind of plants he has at home inspired him to invent this?

If your plant text-messages you, "Feed me, Seymour," run.

Whatta you do if they ask for a mojito and some miracle gro nachos?

Smoke it, Cheesie ;-P

But can you water the plants via text message?

"Stoner hopes that future sensors can be equipped with batteries, solar panels or even piezoelectric generators to generate the power necessary to run the sensors and transmitters."

Hey, I didn't KNOW the editor of the school newspaper was going to BE at that party, and I never gave him permission to quote me thought I was ahead of my time in my stupor analysis of some limitations to extended space travel.

I can't even remember to drink enough water myself and stay properly hydrated; and yet a plant will text me when it needs water? Can I have one for me?

The aspidistra ran up how much in text charges????

Stoner: Hey, man, what's up with all the phones on your belt.

Dealer: One is for my customers, one is for my suppliers, and the other one is for the plants in my basement grow lamp garden to call me when they're thirsty.

Stoner: Duuuuuude! You're messed up.

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