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May 01, 2009


Worried? Not us.



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Hey Walter! I just saw you on a griddle!

Walter looks a bit greenish.

Walter also needs to remember to wash his hands often. I'd kind of like to see that.

Walruses don't get influenza. At least, I have never seen one with it.

I'm glad to see Walter's taking prophylactic measures.

Horace is right. We were solemnly informed on the evening news last night that only humans get it.

And anyway, as we were also informed, that mask won't help as the flu virus is small enough to get through the mask.

In pork-producing states, H1N1 is known as North American Flu.

Good to see Walter following the rigid guidlines of avoiding infection.

I certainly hope that this flusteria won't put a crimp on some people's weekend plans.

I've heard...only heard mind you...that there may be a group of blogettes intent on "Shopping for Sailors" this weekend during Fort Lauderdale's Fleet Week.

Any good sailor pick-up lines out there to get their balls rolling, so to speak?

flusteria. i like that. kudos. and walter, u should also wear a hat. or use sunscreen.

How about this one Brian? "Hey sailor, I'm in the Navy too. How'd you like to ride a real wave?" Just an idea.

Or; " I like a man in uniform. I like him better out of it." For the record, I've never used these. I'm too shy. Just trying to help my fellow bloggettes.

Walter breathes?

Brian, unfortunately...Fleet Week ends this afternoon so we'll they'll have to go elsewhere to enjoy the seamen.


Well, there's always hope for those who go AWOL, and I bet a few would gladly jump ship if "those" blogettes were waving from dockside.
; )

qb - He was when I saw him in Costco last week.

Walter is more worried about the lesser known schwantz flu epidemic.

He was there with the missus and little Wallie.

When I watch the new "Wolverine" movie this weekend, I will promise to hold my breath the whole time. Except I have heard that Wolverine is sans clothes for a great deal of it, in which case this will not be possible. Why has judi not linked to appropriate pages yet for research purposes so that those of us going can decide if it is worth the risk???

It looks like Walter is trying to get by with a little TP for a mask.

Dang, cheap arse generic masks!!!!!!

Here ya go, silver.

I say it's well worth it. I'm definitely going to see this too ;-)

I definently think that should go under the "about damn time"

Brian, why were you asking us for pick-up lines to use on sailors? NTTAWWT.

I gave him a couple pick-up lines earlier Suzy. Hope he lets me know if they work or not. Wear your mask Brian. What with the Swine Flu and all.
And I agree, NTTAWWT.

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