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May 29, 2009


Blogging from me will be sporadic today: I'm with Ridley at the booksellers convention in New York, where we're strumpeting in Full Trollop Mode for our new book. So far I have nothing to report except that last night we ate at a restaurant called Wildwood Barbeque, where I got a T-shirt that says, "You mess with me, you mess with the whole trailer park."


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We'll look forward to your return visit to Andersons! Will there be (merciful) swordfights? Will you be wearing your BBQ-stained Wildwood t-shirts?

Will I be *first*? Will you save $100 at Curves from the banner ad? Will I remember to change my fake name?

And congratulations of the 4th Peter book! Will there be a 5th to round out the trilogy?

carefully removes espresso big gulp from dances clenched fingers.

finds it odd that dave goes all the way to ny for a wildwood t-shirt.

The shirt reminds me of a joke:

What has 10 teeth and 100 eyes?

The front row of a Willie Nelson concert.

Thanks, cg, I needed thzzzzzzzz1zzz ...

Sword of Mercy.

Healing hands of certain death.


Never heard of the restaurant but it sounds diatetic.

Is it just me, or would Peter and the Sword of Mercy BAGNFAPM?

Not even out for another 4½ months, and already it's 32% off. I think maybe Dave just likes dressing up like a pirate.

The fabulous t-shirt notwithstanding (although I really have no idea what "notwithstanding" actually means), why on Earth would you go to a BBQ place in New York City? Sacrilege.

Happy Strumpeting, Dave & Ridley!

mayhap cspan's book tv will cover the fest... they advertised that some segments will be covered. hope yours is!

Wildwood weed grew wild on the farm
We never knowed what it was called...

He's worried about it breaking wind? If that hound lifts its leg we'll never hear from either of them again.

Please, trailer parks...New York? pfffft!

Notwithstanding means had a few too many at Wildwood BBQ and Trailer Park,

Have a good strumpeting!

Why is there no image available in the ad?

I almost bought the one that said "Girls Gone Wildwood." You know, irony and all that.

Here's a pic of the trailer park t-shirt I saw.

Barbecue in New York? You bet! If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Scott, mebe you otta post a geezer alert on that one.

If you're ever in my neck of the woods this is the place to eat Barbecue. I only live a few miles from here and I can smell the hickory smoke in the mornings. It's heavenly.
Sorry I don't know how to do the linkie thing.

Hey, Dave! Hope you have fun in my city :) If you need a recommendation for dinner, I'd be happy to take you some place (and put it on your expense account ;).

You're not gonna let Robin Williams ruin this one too, are you?

Having just looked over the "product description" of the new book on Amazon...I'm curious what Dave and Ridley were drinking/smoking when they conjured it up.

nursecindy's link. My folks live just a bit North of Hickory, and this is almost on the way from Charlotte Airport...

Richard, next time stop and try them out. No kidding it is the best. They are closed on Mondays.
It's very old fashioned,in fact you feel like you've stepped back into a 40's or 50's diner when you go in. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on FoodNetwork. If you're coming that way during breakfast time go to the Shelby Cafe. It was also featured on the same show.

nursecindy, did you ever happen to try Melton's in Rocky Mount? It's been years since my last stop, but I hope it's still trucking. Man!

In NYC there was once, back in the mid-Jurassic, actually a fairly decent hickory-smoke BBQ joint somewhere like 24th and 8th Ave. Long gone, of course.

This Wildwoods thing Dave mentions is at Union Square, about two blocks from my old domicile. I have to say that, as much as I respect Dave, going to NYC to eat BBQ is like going to Rocky Mount to eat sushi or to Kansas City for the stone crab or to New Orleans for the moose steaks.

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