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May 22, 2009


This doesn't bode well.05222009299.jpg


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It DOES look like it's stopped raining, though.
Silver lining ?

go ask alice!

Ed Norton, Tournament Director.

when she's ten feet tall? gah! i was just typing that!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in charge of registration?

What an odd thing for a Blues Brother to say.

Don't fall for it. It looks like the other team may have set up a diabolical trap.

There's a swamp thingy down that hole, Dave. Don't go!

whatever you do, don't register!!!

Watch out! If you remove the stopper from the registration hole you might just swirl away into oblivion.

*wanders off to check his dosages*

You guys playing in the sewer league?

Well, Sophie - There's nowhere to go but up!!


At least they are keeping you informed...

Looks like this year, registration is down.

Who's Mom is bringing the oranges?

Dave, did you check the approved snack list?

You can't just bring oranges anymore, at least here in SoCal you can't. Now you have to top the other moms by bringing juiceboxes, croissants, gourmet jam and gift cards to Build-a-Bear Workshop.

Seems as though sports' administration is really in the sewer.

"I was down in the sewers with some little lover, when I peeked out of a manhole cover..."--Bob Dylan

Who's running this tournament, Nathan Detroit?

YIPES! For a minute there I thought that was the registration for the express handbasket to hell tour.

Careful with that creepy IT clown.

Bravo, Renee! But they need to be careful down there. Get ya feet in too much water and a poison....could develop a co-old!

*Rocks blog boat*

Ah, that's where you find the magical ball of poo! Delightful!

Snork @Horace.

You get to drive the geezer bus this weekend.

Just curious -- Do things ever actually bode well? And what do they look like when they're boding?

OTOH, I can make frequent responses about Bode plots, so long as you mind your poles and zeros.

There's nowhere to go butt up, Punkin?

*High fives Diva and Meanie* :-)

At least when I was stuck on traffic duty for our tourney at 6:15 am at the Extortion, err, parking pass station, I was aboveground.

I finished coaching and went back to the registration tent to get out of the sun before heading home. I was promptly ordered back to the parking station to smile and ask people for $5 per car.

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