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May 24, 2009


After yesterday's game (we won't talk about it) (except to say that there were girls on the other team who were probably professionals) (and had moustaches) our team went to Disney Animal Kingdom, where, among many other animals, we saw these giant bats (see CrapCam photo below) that hang from clotheslines and eat watermelons, which are able to leap as high as 15 feet, thus enabling the bats to catch them.


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I am not seeing any bats. Perhaps it's too early in the morning.

Aha - that zoom function is useful. Yes, a bat!

Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot, so my disguise must be evil, to strike terror into their hearts . . . (as if an answer, a large watermelon flies through an open window)
A watermelon! That's it! I shall become . . . Watermelonman!

Geeeeesh, when our team lost, all we got was a trip to Dairy Queen.

No ice cream. Just a trip.

Nice bat. *covers hair, arms self with broom*


I'm betting Siouxie looks young for being 29.No one would call her an old bat,I'm thinking.

Dibs on spankies.

I think maybe Dave's team came in second.Good job.

Guin, after zoom, I see two bats.
*wonders how long before sleeping bat becomes target of spit watermelon seeds*

Since it is published on the internet, it must be true, but I still have some doubts about the leaping watermelons.

I'm seeing a theme here - magical balls of poo, d!sney, bats (think guano).

On a happier note, Happy Birthday to Siouxie, who shares the date with my favorite cousin. It's exactly six months to the day from my birthday.

Jeff, as a summer birthday, ignored my whole life (*snif*), references to my half-birthday get blank stares.... happy half-birthday to you!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SIOUXIE!! I hope neither of you step in any poo, magical or otherwise!

Perhaps because I'm a superstitious, cowbirdly lot, I see 3 Stealth Bombats in that CrapCam™ shot, plus several large guano piles that have been sculpted into large shrines to ward off any errant soccerballs of destruction, and to attract the loverly, leaping, pre-sliced watermelons of plentitude.

DWF, um, I think there's more going on this morning than superstition....

Well, there's also Siouxie's 29th Birthday, Tash.

*makes note on calendar to spank Jeff in 6 months*

Hee hee, sorry, I meant in your message, a little Sunday-morning hallucinations/ er, um, rich imaginations going on? (don't know how to do the strike thru... spit watermelon seed of spite at it?) Woah, now I'm doing it -- caffeine kicked in!

dave, say hi to my niece for me! she's celebrating her 8th birthday at a.k.

happy b'day siouxie!!

The Detroit Free Press asked its readers to come up with captions for that photo of Obama and his pirate-garbed speechwriter that was posted here a while back.

one more try:

Here's what they came up with

oh yeah, I need a birthday card for Siouxie, let's see...

Happy Birthday, Sioux! You don't look a day over 28!!

(Oh, and Dave, tell Sophie she will probably end up with a victory after all, when the girls on the other team all drop positive for 'roids)

Well, Sophie is still a winner to us. Tell her the other manly girls didn't have a whole blog behind them. Please tell me they have at least a fence around that enclosure so you can't suddenly get accosted by a giant bat! (And Happy Birthday to Siouxie!)

Steve, woo hooo!!!! Siouxie, you luckie girl!

HBD Siouxie.

True dat.

With this blog's record on cheering things on we may do Sophie a favor next year by cheering for the opposing team. That way Sophie's team is sure to win. Happy Birthday Siouxie! Now you can drink legally!

Siouxie's Birthday:

Be there or be a dirty-batty-clothesline-over-a-magical-pool-of-balls

or something

Dave, I'm thinking maybe you need to recruit a few bats for Sophie's team. Or possibly a few watermelons.

Happy birthday, Siouxie!

If it's Siouxie's birthday, those have to be banshees, not bats. Happy screeching!

Siouxie, upon reading my last post, I assure you I in no way meant to imply that you are a giant bat! My bad in poor sentence placement.

Leapin' watermelons, Batman!

Happy Birthday to you, dear Siouxie
I hope your day will be a doozy
So, go frolic! Have fun!
And when the day is done
Have some wine and soak in a jacuzzi!

BFF! Wowsa! 29th?? Did I wake up in 1989? Someone recharge the DeLorean - I hated my 80's hair.

*multiple snorks, ya'lls*

Thanks soooooooo much guys and gals!! I appreciate all the good birthday wishes and cards (BFF, loved it!)(Steve, can I keep 'em all??)

Jeff, figures you'd have a birthday BEFORE me - did you send that in too?? ;-P

ron, spank away - I got the butt to handle it!

Tash, dances, frodo, crossgirl, cindy, Cheesie, Renee, trusf8 - Thanks!

Duckness - loved it!

LOL @ Marg -I didn't see it that way but it's good to know I'm neither and old OR a giant bat!! ;-)

Time to celebrate!! Let the drinks flow!!

Careful. According to Ridley, those bats are actually super-evil spybats working for Maleficent.

Happy Birthday, Siouxie! You are chiquita most awesome!

Gracias, Annie!! and Ralph!

De nada, mi amiga!!! Lova ya!!

*lays out table w/ virtual cake, ice cream, hats & noisemakers. Sets spankin' paddle at end of table.*

We're gonna need a bigger paddle. ;)

Siouxie, of course mine is before yours.

I'm ancient.

Don't know if Dave will get around to it, but I thought of you with this machete-related article.

After all, what goes better on your birthday than a brawl over Cockle Picking and Karaoke Singing.

Heavy Bunsday, Smoothie!

Happy Birthday Siouxie! (Our town had a parade for you.)
The blog bar is open for this celebration.
Siouxie, what are we drinking in your honor?

I see no bats. I see no watermelons.

Happy Birfday, Siouxie!!

We're gonna need a bigger paddle. ;)

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | May 24, 2009 at 02:15 PM

*SNORKS!!* I cannot, in the depths of my imagination, believe you SAID that Annie!!!

Siouxie, never having seen it personally, I'm sure the paddle does NOT make your butt look big. (That is, never having seen either the paddle OR your butt...)

slinks away, as any other rationale I could try to add to explain that comment would just bring out a machete

Luvs ya', Sioux!! Happy B'Day agin!

(But make sure you undo things in the reverse order.)

Making a link to <a href="some.hideous.pic">here</a>.

&trade; =
&reg; = ®
&copy; = ©

So, that's how ya do it, Tash. I'm actually dumbfounded that it went through this time. The bot had been rejecting my trickiness all afternoon.

DWV, Italianate????

"Oxford English Dictionary, new inclusions department. May I help you?"

Is there a problem, hoopyfrodolives? I think you'll find a substantial entry for that word in the OED. Should I have used façade instead? Aedicules? Quoins?

big bat

Sorry, I should have made that hoopyfroodlives. And remember, hoopy's a good thing, even if it's not (yet) in the OED.

*runs inside to pee*
*can't wait til friends leave!!!*

(im a bad friend!!)

"Italianate" is a compound invective verb, as reflected in the phrase The Italian ate his meatballs.


Holy guacamole!

Hey everyone.... long time, no blog. Been on the go, and most of it good.
Thought I'd get a good laugh, so I came here. Thanks !
O/T Ducky....cye

I try to avoid using Italianate nowadays, as I have found that it is a good way to break the blog.

surely not, Not Sherly

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the latest performance by the amazing Susan Boyle.

*waves to Jazzzz*

and a big *wave* back to Jeff ... good to see ya

Jeff, thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it. Wonderful

DWV, since I'm not in the mood to do the research and all that would be needed to respond to YOUR response, and so on and so forth, I will cede at this time, simply saying, "Hail, Caeser! We who are about to die, salute you!" Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Siouxie's B'Day, etc.

(OK, I can't resist asking, but wouldn't ITALICIZE be the correct word in the situation, rather than "italianate"?)

[back after a lovely afternoon gardening, without any balls of poo]... Gosh, thanks DWV, sorry your helpfulness caused such harrrassment.... hasslement.... whatever!

It's weird to think of doing normal typing and then just sticking HTML thingies in the middle of it....

And I, myself enjoy Italianate architecture whenever I can, and wasn't going to make fun, mmm-mmmm!!!!

Sass that hoopy DWV? There's a frood who really knows where his vowel is.

And to the young Cubana, Phillies Coupleonions!

Slinks in®

Happy birthday, Siouxie !!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Machete Day, Siouxie!

Is this "the big one"?

Bows to Meanie!! And, BTW, "Phillies Coupleonions" sounds like an NL East box score notation... or a GNFARB...

Oh, and "frood"? I've already dealt with the "frod olives" thing, am I now to deal with "frood"????

That would be the hero of "The Mystery of Edwin Frood," right?

(Sorry . . . just co-hosted my second toddler birthday party in as many days; I'm in a sugar/exhaustion coma.)

*SNORKS* at Renee!!

I COULD say it was "Froodian therapy," but nursecindy would THWACK me...

*snork* & Thanks @ Meanie/Joe (I figured it was you)

Suzy - Thanks! (not THE big one yet)(wheww)

Thanks again to all youse guys! (NotSherl, daisy, Cat!)

It's been a perfect bday and your kind wishes made it even better!! Love you all ;-)

Also... #69 ;-)

A giant fruit bat seen in their natural habitat, The Seychelles

That's a really beautiful picture Mot. Even if it is a bat.

Happy Towel Dayto all. Thanks for the fish.

TypePad 101

Thanks to


(and all this time i thought you were a Kevin Costner fan)

GTG Fly my Flag!

Your linky is broken trustf8. Happy Memorial Day everybody. Fly the flag and, if you get the chance, hug a veteran or a soldier.

She shells seashells in the Saychelles.

I just hung a towel on the clothes line.Does that count?

TypePad 101:
-10 for broken linky


from Urban Dictionary:
A really hoopy frood
In the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, hoopy is defined as "a really together guy."

A frood is defined as "a really amazingly together guy."
An example from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which discusses the importance of towels is as follows:

"Hey you, sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is!"

Frodo, FROOD is a good thing!

"On Memorial Day, the day set aside to honor all the people who have died while serving the United States & originally called Decoration Day, the flag is flown at half-Staff until noon, then raised to full staff until sundown." (op. cit. www.gettysburgflag.com/FlyFlagHalfMast.php)

yeah, I know, trust, but what'r the girls on the playground gonna' say?! Shhheeeesssshhh!! "There goes frood, playin' with his pood..." I have enough to worry about as it is in the girl department!!!

(Psssttt!! Siouxie, if you clicked on my linky-thingy, I've just got two words-- MULLET! [OK, that's only one word, but you know what I mean...]) Happy 29 and a day!!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

A great big THANK YOU to all our men and women in uniform, past and present who help keep us safe and who we honor today. God Bless you and your families!

(special thank you to the service men and women from this blog)

I can't "AMEN!!" that enuf, Siouxie!! Thanks to all for your service to our country, our freedom, and our liberty!!!

Despite my trickiest efforts, I have been unable to post a witty rejoinder to recent posts by "froodlives". Apparently, many of the words I would use are on the TP banned list. Or maybe it has a really sensitive pun threshhold. Argh.

Sass that hoopy DWV? There's a frood who really knows where his vowel is.

Stunning, Meanie. Simply stunning. That's the nicest thing anybody's ever said about me. I am also pleased to note that I had the 42nd post in this thread. ;-)

Edwin Frood? Beautiful, Renee, although I often confuse him with Edmund Froodgerald.

I am slightly surprised noone's commented on the link to the picture in the sample HTML, above. I guess the some.hideous.pic description was the Kiss of Death.

... and all this time i thought you were a Kevin Costner fan Kevin Costner? Is he "in rock events"?

Mostly an anagram fan, trustf8.

In conclusion, I would like to thank frodprefectlives for playing straightgenderneutralperson for my mad games. Inspired by Mr. The "Language Person" Blog, and wielding a large arsenal of weaponized words (like aedicule and quoin), I can make very bad puns in nearly any language, including Hollandaise.

A great big THANK YOU to all our men and women in uniform, past and present who help keep us safe and whom we honor today. God Bless you and your families!

Well said, Siouxie!

There's I O U Sex in Siouxie

(but im sure you know that)

Posted by: frustr8

There's I O U Sex in Siouxie

oh my. what pressure.

oh my. what pressure.

That's what the Japanese say.

*snolk* @ dances!!

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