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May 31, 2009


Sandusky is finally cracking down on unauthorized lawn-mowing of city parks.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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If somebody came and mowed my grass I wouldn't have them arrested. I'd give them a cold drink! If the grass was a foot high then evidently somebody wasn't doing their job. They should thank him not arrest him.

Didn't we have a bunch of ladies wanting their lawns mowed a while ago?

The good news is that convicts can cut the grass in city parks.

His real crime: Making the city administration look bad.

Police are now on the lookout for a one, Cheryl Howard, suspected of beautifying urban areas and organizing a mob for the purpose of illegal removal of organic weeds. She is considered armed with a trowel, and herbacious. Proceed with caution.

Little did John know that this particular plot has been given over to the growing of hay for the cop's horse.Only the aft part of which now exists.In blue.

"Get off my lawn!!"

oh wait...

Sharkie, I think Cheryl said something about smoking that organic weed.

*SNORK* @ Sharkie!

Man. My uncle is probably turning over in his grave - which is probably unmowed - in Sandusky. A whole branch of my family is up there. I guess you can't expect much more from a bunch of people who pronounce "Port Huron" as "Port Urine."

Wow. Hopefully those numbnuts will see their bad publicity in the Dave Barry Blog and will drop the charges in embarrassment. Did I spell embarrassment right? I don't care right now.


What if he'd cut the heads off some DANDELIONS???!!!

Bravo, 5-0!

Here's some Hawaiian music in yer honor, SPD. March proud, march hard, and be careful out there. You never know where the next weed-whacker is coming from. HOW CAN WE CLOSE GITMO NOW???!!!

I hope he gets sentenced to Community Service. Make him pick up trash and cut grass and...h'mmmm.

I guess the city's argument is that they pay municipal workers not to cut the grass, so no one else can interfere.

If this guy mows the grass, where are the high school cheerleaders going to graze ?

He was doing a shoddy job so he was charged with a missed-de-greener.

Reminds a bit of the backwards looking, 19th century town I live in. The "city" took away the trash can in front of our little bohemian coffee shop because "it kept getting filled up."

Reminds a bit of the backwards looking, 19th century town I live in. The "city" took away the trash can in front of our little bohemian coffee shop because "it kept getting filled up."

I once got cited for whacking my weed in public, but this I never heard of.

Don't get him angry - he's got a mower, and he's not afraid to use it.

All of you are forgetting that the
"Good Samaritan" destroyed acres upon acres of protected tick habitat. He deserves flogging. If you can't do the crime, don't do the time. That's what I always say.

The city will be in big trouble when the Lawn Rangers ride into town to break him out of stir.

MY president is John Deere...

Our front lawn is 6 inches, on average; higher in places. I mowed on freakin' Thursday!

CJ did you mow on THIS freakin' Thursday or LAST freakin' Thursday? Mine is also high thanks to all the rain we've had here in the Carolina's. I will cut it tomorrow. Unless some enterprising blog guy will do it for me. I'll give you $5.00. You use your own mower and gas.

Mowing is so much better than shoveling.

The geniuses in the Seattle Parks Dept thought a great way to reduce costs and litter would be to...wait for it..remove the trash cans.

CJ ... you can set your mower below 5- 3/4 in. Just sayin'

Good one Jazzzz! A very good answer that I wish I had thought of.

Butt, if you set the blades too low, then you have to mow around the gators, which is time-consuming.

I'm gonna buy me a side hill gouger.

ron, is a 'side hill gouger' a shovel?

Remember the good old days when Dave would post something and we would make snarky comments?


I miss those days...

ron, you won't even buy a snow blower or a tv! I doubt seriously you're going to buy a sidehill gouger. Also I googled sidehill gouger. Down here we call those cows and we tip them over occasionally. Was that snarky Punkin?

It was supposed to be, nursecindy. I may be off my game so early in the morning. I was up late last night helping ron gouge his side hill.

I meant my comment Punkin. Yours was great! It is too early and I haven't even finished my first cup of coffee yet.

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