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May 21, 2009


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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So much for my lifelong dream of being an astronaut. This is just gross. I'm sure it's very clean but the thought just turns me off.

One can only hope that they never serve asparagus in the station.

Drink-ur-own-urine or wear "garments that can absorb water, insulate the body and dry in minutes. Not only that, they are comfortable and stylish."

The choice is yours.

Exactly what I wanted to say "nursecindy". I don't want to be an astronaut any more.


Piss..... In ..... Spaaaaaaaaace!

This just gives me a pissy outlook on the whole NASA thing.

After all these billions of years all water is recycled piss. Deal with it.

I'm sure this has been blogged before.

That could have been Buddy's urine reclamation still.

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