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May 26, 2009


Don't drink and clown.

(Thanks to David Rogers)


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Isn't that Heath Ledger's mom?

She's going to use the legless and had to drive defence.

She said she drank after the crash and before arriving to entertain the kids.

and drank ... and drank ... and drank

"I never should have went..."


As a matter of fact, don't clown, ever.

Where's Uncle Buck when you need him?

Send her out.

She got in an accident...fled the scene...and THEN started drinking? Oh kay...

A little song, a little dance, a little beer dribbling down your pants...

That just proves my theory that clowns are creepy masked people who are hiding a deep, dark and creepy secret with their painted on happy faces.

I may be wrong but I think somebody that frequents this blog, with a machete, has daughters that go to Ringling's College. IYKWIM. Of course they're probably going for Art and Design.

*Snorks at Meanie's obscure reference*

cindy, I better NOT be paying for a clown education! That college is not cheap!

I know it is a wonderful Arts and Design school but wouldn't it be funny if that was say, their minor?

We won't . . .

I guess it's not a bad 'back up' career LOL

MKJ's link: If I remember correctly, Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald, and based on the gapped teeth, I think that's him.

"They were all hanging on me and saying, 'Don't take the clown,'" said Ingalls.

Aww, poor kids, that'll learn 'em.

Next stop, Chuck E. Cheese.

"I'm not allowed to drink in costume and I should have never went (to the party) because I was too upset," said Ingalls.

Yeah, what Siouxie said.

By the way, I found her mugshot.

I knew that something about this story sounded very familiar.

She still seems pretty hammered during the interview. And isn't what she's wearing for that interview a costume, too?

Snarky, if you found Meanie's comment "obscure," you are obviously not one of us geezers! It was my first thought when I read the story, and only regret I couldn't get on the blog earlier and post it first!

I would guess that Siouxie's favorite quote wasn't "...never have went..." but rather "...shouldn't of went...". Just a guess, mind you.

Scott, I should of known you knewn me well ;-P

catching up on 'old news' here -
you guys are hysterical


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