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May 01, 2009


The Virgin Mary has now appeared on a griddle.

(Thanks to trustf8 and Jeff Meyerson)


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Hail Mary...full of grease...

I'm afraid that all I see is a griddle in need of cleaning.

Maybe this is the Blessed Mother's way of telling them to clean the griddle.

They really saved it for the long skinny penis on the left.

I think that the witness of masked Mexican luchadores is all the evidence that any reasonable person could need. Somebody call the Vatican.

Masked Mexican wrestlers?

Boy, Jack Black will do ANYTHING to sell DVDs!

Hey, guess who your Senator voted for? You, or the banksters?

OK, guess again.

No, it wasn't the Virgin Mary.

Ordering up - One Virgin Mary on the griddle, hold the mayo!"

A group of Mexican wrestlers are among the believers.

One, known as Mr Tempest, said: "This is amazing. It's a true miracle."

Well, what more proof do you need?

Anyone else see Munch's 'The Scream'?
Okay, maybe it's just me.

and snork @Siouxie's "grease".

The Vatican is so short-staffed (insert own joke here) it has to send Mexican wrestlers instead of Jesuit inquistors to verify miracles now.

On the plus side, there's been no hanky-panky.

LOL!! Very good Siouxie! A definite rim shot.

Hmmm...burning on a hot fire is not neccesarily associated with something good in Christianity today.

A shrine in a storage room? Really? I never thought of the top shelf in the closet as a place of honor.


I'm here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress. She's out back scraping Mary off the griddle.

I think the Mother Mary needs a PR firm. Why does she always appear on these obscure surfaces and not something that will get her message out there, like the stage of "American Idol" or something?

It's like when aliens are supposed to be intelligent life but they only land in trailer parks and use anal probes on inbred hayseeds who were turned down by Jerry Springer.

Because, Martini, there are advantages to flying under the radar. Um, not that I would know.

The Virgin Olive Oil Mary

Sharkie, the aliens already ARE intelligent life.

Personally I prefer my Mary's Bloody, not greasy ;)

I see a desirable image, but it sure ain't a VM.

The BVM gets around.

Whew! At first I thought it said: on a girdle. That might have been a bit much for me; especially early in the morning.

SNORK and a rim shot at Siouxie... and I am SO glad they built a shrine for it in a STORAGE room!

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