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May 29, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Jonathan Carl)


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Principal Lettuce?


I would have been terrified of what he would do next too! I mean he could have shaken her hand or worse, given her a pat on the back. I think it would be more appropriate to give her a good swift kick in the behind.

I wasn't slapping you, I was high-five-ing your face!

this is why we need to outlaw the fist bump.

Agreed, cindy.

They came to take away the high five, and I said nothing. Then they took away, "give me ten"; I was silent again. No more "give me five" and I just watched. And now they've come for my fist bump. There is no one left to speak for me.

She's teaching the students in her school a valuable lesson: when someone does something you don't like, sue them.

If this had happened in 1950, we'd all be wondering what we were talking about.

So the person was demoted in a public school system from administration back to being a principal.

Think about the implications for a few moments.

I'm just glad that test scores went up at the demoted person's school.

The El Paso Times reported Thursday that school district police are investigating the High Five, the fist bump, the thumbs up, the birdie, and the raspberry when used in a classroom setting. After that, they are calling their sister department, the Grammar Police, and they will be taking the district to task right before they tazer the spelling bees.

cg, "Outlawing the fist bump" sounds like a euphemism...

Then again, the "Fist Bump Outlaws" would... no, nevermind...

"I hereby dub you Sir Lancelo...."
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHH!!!! Fetch my solicitor forthwith!!!!"

She obviously has lechuga for brains.

Those who can, do. Those who can't ... is the principal.

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