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May 31, 2009


In this blog's legal opinion, if something is called a "see-through" swimsuit, you should be able to see through it.

(Thanks to Malcolm Hoar)


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I wonder how many blog guys are going to enlarge that picture to see if they can see through her swimsuit? I think this is a bad idea. Not only from the skin cancer aspect but also because you could unknowingly burn certain vital parts of your anatomy.

I think that the manufacturer should provide a warning about cases of eye strain.

Anyway, what's wrong with a few tan lines?

I'm with the blog on this one.

As Father Francis Mulcahy once put it, "I'm incensed! I am outraged! I am acrimonious!"

bunch of prima donna diva wusses. a chicken wire bikini is good enough for me. don't need any of that fancy schmancy magic eye pattern, just good strong wire as god intended. hrmph.

Maybe it only works with X-Ray Specs.

I too spent some time researching this problem.I came to the conclusion that somebody lied to me.

Men's briefs? Ouch. Plus after putting on sunblock it won't fit the same way.

They have had these out for a long time. I'll go check out bikini photos research the company that first made one.

I also should warn you that during my reasearch I wound up on a nudist site where see through swimsuits had not been heard of.So be careful.


Sharkie's right. This was invented years ago and it wasn't "see-thru" then either. Just some meshy material that let the sun shine where it didn't before. (iykwim)

1. Ouch (from the point of view of the burned wearee)
2. Can't you guys see enough already? (from the point of view of.....)
3. Why bother with a suit if ya wanna tan everything/see everything?

I wonder if those dudes know somebody has been making these for years and they are all over beaches already. They are called "Tankinis".

Is there a video?

We need Before and After pictures for purposes of scientific comparison.

"If people are looking to get that tanned look, there are safer alternatives to sitting out in the sun, like spray tanning."

Embrace the orange.

I assume, out of a common love of humanity, they won't be making these in Rosanne or Michael Moore sizes.

Britain has a summer?

@ NMUA: They do in fact, but it is relative. A group of us Floridians were in a U.K. resort town and decided to see what their beach was like. It was 50degrees so we pulled on our jackets to walk down there and the sand was packed with people in swim suits. We beat a retreat before they saw the freaks in winter gear while they were swimming.

I don't see the big deal. My back yard is fenced in so I just pull off or down whatever I want so there are no tan lines. It would probably be more private if it weren't a chain link fence.

I've always considered Dave to be a visionary.

This is just being annoying I know, but all the rest of the person's clothing lets 100% of UV radiation through. How many lives are saved by covering all of 1 square foot of skin? Fact is tanning is a plain stupid idea, and this doesn't add or subtract from it.

Sharkie, every beach I've been to in Britain has been all stones and no sand. Of course, watching a lovely young lady in bikini walk to and from the water verrrrrrrrry slowly was no hardship.


*SNORKS* at nursecindy!!

This will make applying suncreen LOTS more fun!


and ...

Chainlink Fence Tan Lines wbagnfa ... um ... ummmm ... um ...

Whut wuz the question?

For most Bits a day at the beach involves hours stuck in traffic then walking on the stones with rolled up trousers and a hankerchief with a knot in each corner worn on the head as a sun shade.

In SA, beaches tend to be several miles of soft white sand with water temperatures around 74 degrees.

I am also not happy with the many TV shows that are titled as "naked", but in which all of the actors are fully clothed. "The naked chef", "How to look good naked", "Naked city", "Naked brothers band", "Naked gun", "Naked in New York", "Naked Josh". None of them is actually naked. They all wear clothes.

A typical SA beach

Steve, you do know that most of those shows you mention star men? NTTAWWT. Mot that is a beautiful beach picture. From some of the pictures you've posted in the past SA looks like a beautiful place and if you're not careful you're going to wake up one morning and find a bunch of us bloggers on your front porch.

I'm surprised our ladies haven't commented on the sidebar photo and story here...

Cindy, you'd be welcome any time, just give me a few days warning.

They come in men's styles too. You're welcome, judi.

I can see it now. A person puts on sunscreen on the "uncovered parts" and doesn't under the "see through" parts, yielding a bright red sunburn in the "covered areas". Ouch!

this kind of swimming suit is not news, Victoria's Secret already sells it, I bought one and it is like a fine mesh... and yes, they do advise you to put on sunscreen on everywhere...

A simple UV filter for your digital cameras/camcorders will turn "see through" into see through.

I read, years ago when these were first introduced, that they were indeed somewhat see-through when wet. Not been in a position to verify personally, alas.

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