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May 21, 2009


Groom arrested at wedding reception in spat over saggy pants

(Thanks to queensbee)


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pointing out the obvious:

"Saggy Pants" wbagnfaboyband to replace "The Jonas Brothers" in the hearts of tween girls worldwide.

The officer told Lucas: "We don't want to see your underwear,'" said Leonard Dazet, owner of the Crystal Plantation.

Key "who are you kidding?" line: "I have beaucoup witnesses."

Groom arrested at wedding reception in spat over saggy pants

Actually, spats with saggy pants is a really bad look.

I mean spats

What they didn't mention was that the bride was in the reception hall, crying, throwing up, and asking anyone who would listen just what the he%% she had gotten herself into.

Bridal magazines are filled with advice on this point.

I hope they at least gave him the honeymoon cell with Bubba.

Saw a teenager the other day with pants sagging almost to his knees, with one pair of boxers that barely made it to the bottom of his keister, and a SECOND pair of boxers in the "normal" position.

I considered throwing a rock through a window and pointing at him just so I could watch him try to run from the cops.

Saggy pants don't kill people, people kill baggy pants or something.

"You have in-laws and you have outlaws."

That's not bad. Shall we make Mr. Dazet an honorary blogit/bloglit/however the heck you spell it?

The more they load 'em, the lower they ride.

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