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May 21, 2009


Dude, don't bogart the torch.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That's why we love Canada

Well, given that Vancouver/Whistler is the home of Ross Rebagliati, I won't say that anybody north of the border is surprised...

Well, given that Vancouver/Whistler is the home of Ross Rebagliati, I won't say that anybody north of the border is surprised...

Sigh, we can't do hyperlinks any more?


Dude, where's my double vision?

Where's my fricken bot smacker?

Maybe they're just trying to make sure Michael Phelps will show up.

This definitely stems from ignorance, and it will seed much pointless controversy.

Frankly, I think it looks more like a toothbrush with the bristles removed.

But then I got two fillings and minus-one wisdom tooth yesterday. I'm sure my shrink could tell you more about what it means.

"The route will stay within Canada."

Naturally. Otherwise, there would be customs and DEA involvement.

It takes a really big clip, by the way.

Was this a joint effort?

The torch will travel the length and breadth of Canada

In a straight line or zig-zag?

We won't . . .

That's the second torch. They made the mistake of asking Cheech & Chong to test-fire the first one.

* inhales deeply *


* forgets what i was contemplating *

I'm with Death - looks like a toothbrush.

Winter Olympics, no swimming (thank God). Something that looks like a Canadian Club Molotov would be more appropriate. Bode Miller can carry for the US.

Along the route, the torch bearer will be followed by the Cheetos bearer.

I think people are poking a little bit of fun at us

Thank goodness some Olympic organizers haven't lost their sense of humo(u)r. Did anybody notice his name: John Furlong ?

Is this relay kind of a puff, puff, pass event?

I plan to attend the ceremony, but I won't inhale.

Danny, Michael Phelps was here in Charlotte last weekend and sadly lost. I do have a question about this torch. What is this marijuana that you speak of and what is bogart?

Well, if you'd had a root canal, you still could have called a major league baseball game (the Twins-Tiger game last week)

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