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May 29, 2009


Which would, of course, be a good name for a rock band

(Thanks to cynthia, Allen at Division, Jeff Meyerson, and Russell Mc)


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And the brass monkeys should hold on to their coconuts.

Usually, it's the brazen hussy who's driving a Kia.

I thought “a kea” was a furniture store. For the record, it is “an alpine parrot”, which is almost as funny.

Could this possibly be a publicity stunt for Dave and Ridley's new book?

mmmmmmmmmmm, braised parrot.

soooooooo a parrot in the bush....that's gotta hurt.

Spotted Scottish man's passport in a coulored bag? don't tell me this isn't code for something dirty.

Key quote: Kea, the world's only snow line-dwelling parrot, are widely known as inquisitive birds who appear to take delight in attacking rubber items like windshield wiper blades.

Guys, be very sure that you, uh, protect your protection if you're out and about with your lover, IYKWIM.

The guy was lucky it was just a passport. Keas are known to completely trash a car or tent. You do not leave your car windows open in Kea habitat.
I just saw Terminator Salvation; they blow things up good but it's unrealistic. If there were any Keas around, the machines wouldn't stand a chance.

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