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May 28, 2009


(Thanks to Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy and Chuck)


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Tropic of Cancer is located at 23.5° North.
Depression "Andy" is at 37.3° North.

How is this in any way a "Tropical Depression"?...

Heard a survey on the radio today that the vast majority of people in hurricane prone areas are still not prepared with basic necessities like 3 days food and water, a working flashlight, etc. The chief reason given was "It won't happen to me."

Maybe in anticipation of global warming they're preemptively declaring Newfoundland to be part of the "tropics".

Canada be warned!

*Cancels plans to vacation out over the spot in the Atlantic where the Titanic sank.*

*Also makes note to change travel agents*

It looks like I should be able to see the center of the storm from my house in NJ.

Premature evacuation?

Oh please. We hurricane-savy South Floridians (aka foolish procrastinators) know that you don't really, REALLY need to get ready until about the middle of August. And even then, when it comes to being hit it's a game of meteorological chicken.

Storms come and go and for the most part, no matter where you are they seem to go somewhere else. Usually. Most of the time. Unless they don't. That's the game we play. Living here you realize that about August 1st you check to see where the heck your shutter panels are. In another week you see if they fit and then you go and get some water and a couple dozen multi-packs of peanut butter crackers and granola bars. And booze. Then you wait.

When the first advisory is issued it's always fun to watch the news show everyone in line at Home Depot buying plywood. I usually go and buy any type of food that you can keep without refridgeration and has no clean up involved. PBJ, tuna packs, aerosol cheese (shhhh, it's my secret!), ritz crackers, trail mix, jerky, etc. If it's only me, I can survive for weeks without power. Ask Andrew, Charlie, Francis, Jeanne, Katrina, Wilma, amoung others. It's not fun, but it can be done. Luckily for me my office always has power, showers and A/C.

Honestly though, you're stupid not to
for anything that might happen within 48 hours during September thru November. It's always fun.

Batteries: CHECK!
Boxes of wine: CHECK!
Bleach: CHECK!

The rest I'll get when the storm is at least 20 mins away. Can't wait till the last minute, ya know.

; )

Better double check the wine supply. I also found that a couple-three big boxes are easier to store than bottles. No corkscrew needed either!

Hey Al !! LTNS !!! Good to "see" ya !
It's kinda like earthquake preparedness - we all know we SHOULD be prepared, but where are you gonna store all that stuff ??? Especially with 4 adults, 2 cats, 1 big dog (*snif*), and a tiny dog. The water is the most critical, since we have lo-flo toilets !
I selfishly and (evilly) talked Mr. Telecom into getting a generator - under earthquake preparedness pretenses, but I really wanted the generator for our tailgate parties @ the Rose Bowl. I'm a punk and I know it.

Yay, summer's here.

Wow, that's gotta be the biggest..um...tropical depression I've ever seen.

What'r the batteries for, Siouxie???

Looks like the H.M.S. Cockchafer is in for a blow...

Well, that would explain the rain. And the wind. Don 't worry, I threw the lawn furniture in the pool!

On noes. Well that is certainly depressing. Too early.


*makes note to start a RB called "Cone of Uncertainty"*

Seed it with Xanex. That'll improve it's mood.

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