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May 25, 2009


It seemed an appropriate day to offer up some positive thoughts for our troops at the prayer circle at the Baptist Church up the road:

Prayer circle sml

which is watched over by a (protected) burrowing owl:



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Burrowing owls, cutest darned little endangered species. And good eatin', too!

KIDDING! Even have Dave's buddy's book "Hoot" on the bookshelf.

very cool. i've never eaten seen one.

Hmm... I didn't know that Baptist churches used labyrinths. I thought that would be a little too... pagan for baptists.

And, while you pray, remember ALL of the war dead, from Dresden and Hiroshima to The Trail of Tears. They, too, deserve remembering.

Well, owl be.

Be there
or be an amazing borrowing owl


Judi's gone owly on us.

Scott, Baptists are okay with going through labyrinths as long as you don't dance your way through. Not sure how they feel about skipping or mincing.

That's owlsome. I'd like to be watched over by an owl if necessary. Very mystical.

What a great labyrinth! I love walking labyrinths.

Salutes to our veterans.

I spent the weekend at the beach with crossgirl, son of crossgirl, and CJrun. We swam, fished, kayaked, and dug for clams. The new used motor home worked out great. We didn't even get a ticket for parking illegally at a No Camping spot!
I'd forgotten how warm the Florida waters are. Whew! Like swimming in a bathtub!

Save me a drumstick!

Cool! He looks like he's keeping the place safe.

CG.... tastes a lot like Screech Owl

There's a nesting pair of them just on the south side of Runway 8R at MIA, in one of the little islands of grass between taxiways. I used to see 'em all the time when we were taxiing out.


I'd much rather have that protecting a grave than a watermelon-eating bat.

They even have a song about labyrinths:

A maze in grass...

Nice! :)

There once was an owl in a labyrinth,
Who made a nice burrow in hyacinth,
But when it came time,

(nope, nevermind, I got nuthin'....)

Lots of churches had / were built on pagan labyrinths to lure the pagans in, where they could then be converted to Christianity.

Now the Baptists use church suppers to lure us pagans in. Damn those brownies!!

There once was a burrowing owl
Who liked to be out on the prowl
He spent his owl days
Guarding a maze
With a HOOT instead of a howl

Good on ya', f8!

The owl avoided the collar,
Not tempted was he by the dollar,
The labyrinthine,
Was not to his scene,
So he traded his HOOT for a HOLLER!

The owl is very nice Judi. I like it but was hoping to see something in a kilt. Maybe some other time.

juuuuddddiiii, You got some 'splainin' to do... Bot stole my last post! waits patiently for said bot to puke spit it out...

Re-post, in case bot doesn't comply...

Good on ya', f8!

The owl avoided the collar,
Not tempted was he by the dollar,
The labyrinthine,
Was not to his scene,
So he traded his HOOT for a HOLLER.

Who wants to do the "owl/kilt" limerick?

Is the owl watching for Baptists dancing or for Pagans trapped in the maze? This site can be so confusing.

So the owl donned him a kilt,
Knowing his blood might be spilt,
There's no Scottish phrase,
For a "Baptist church maze,"
So the owl said, "I ha'e no guilt!"

The owl then took up his wreath,
Took wing upon heather and heath,
To cindy and jud,
He said, "I blame Frood!"
"Under the kilt I wear nothing beneath!"

.. and I'm not a poet,

and I do know it..

Cute Owl

Prayer Circles, it turns out, are an early Christian custom... Read H. Nibley.. how's that for an Obscure


Quite Obscure, EB ... sorta easy to find reference, but not so much to check the phenomena you cite ...

BTW ... I see the rain has left your area of Nodak ... not such a wonderful day for suntans and beach lolling, wuz it?

For frodolives:

There once was an owl in a labyrinth,
Who made a nice burrow in hyacinth,
But when it came time,
Frodo couldn't find a rhyme,
And so the poor owl took to absinthe.

(Just kidding -- I'm very impressed by all those rhymes you DID come up with! ;-) )

Thanks and blessings to all our vets.

The Preying Owl---Good name for a pub.

I've only ever seen labyrinths around her eat Episcopal churches. Nothing slows down a Baptist enough to think except fishing.

OOPS. Shift that 'e' back one space.

Loudmouth, are you sure it isn't better this way?

actually it's not a baptist church, y'all are right. i don't know what it IS, but i do know now it's not baptist.

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