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May 21, 2009


Wakata's fellow astronauts may have noticed that he does not change his underpants very often.

(Thanks to trustf8)


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Self deodorizing or not......EWWWW!

"Japanese spaceman Koichi Wakata rides floating rug and dons self-deodorising underpants in zero-gravity experiments."

Are self-deodorizing underpants a new moniker for farting in your shorts?

Having said that, how does one go about getting the job of "stunt" astronaut?

I promise that in any recycled air environment--elevator, submarine, space station--you WILL notice when someone doesn't change their underwear regularly!


(I TOLD you to pack more than two pair!)

I was afraid they were going to have video of him changing his underwear!!!

I hope all his dreams are um.....dry

Only a week? To quote someone or other, "I could do the time standing on my head".


Google translates that as "I have two or more押SHI詰ME pants are who you are!"


(Google Translate leaves a lot to be desired.)

(According to Google Translate)

The Endeavour space shuttle is scheduled to collect Wakata ...

...and submit him for analysis to the microbiology lab

Allen, yup it doesn't much matter what you are wearing at that point!

I saw this astronaut riding the floating rug on TV last night and I would love to try that myself. However the underwear thing would be a definite no.

Just because they don't smell doesn't mean they are hygenic.

Cheese...and vice versa

"The space-age underpants, T-shirts, shorts and socks, can be worn for a week without washing, and without assaulting the senses of passing astronauts."

How many millions did the boffins spend on this experiment? It could have been conducted on terra firma in any college dorm.

Well, not only can you wear the special underwear for a week, they're also stylish!

Google translate is actually remarkably good, but (a) my, um er ah, Wakata's mother's, Japanese is horrible, and (b) it has a lot of problems determining where morphemes begin and end in Japanese. What was actually written was "two or more underpants (direct object marker) pack (infinitive) I told you".

By the way, the Japanese word for underpants is "pantsu". I am not making this up. I'm guessing they didn't have the concept before Western contact...or something...okay, maybe "contact" isn't the appropriate word there...oh, never mind.

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