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May 27, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Cynthia)


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Scott said Hicks did it "because he felt he could get away with it."----Isn't that the reason most bad things happen?

Looks like he really gave a piss about his taxes.

Your tax dollars at work, being p!ssed away as usual.

Only a hick would do such a thing.

btw: There is a "Hicksville" here on long island ;)

I want to lodge a complaint, this blog should not be stooping to yellow journalism...

Maybe he needs those pills that stops guys from having to whizz every 5 minutes.

Hey trustf8: I used to live in Hicksville. Took the LIRR from there to MYC.

Who can really blame somebody for expressing such an opinion of the IRS?

...On the other hand: This is one of the people who's processing your tax returns. Wonder what else Mr. Hicks and his colleagues have done because they thought they "could get away with it?"

Braniff - NTTAWWT....
and perhaps you mean NYC

unless of course you have your own special city

So maybe this first contestant wasn't so far off after all...


$4,600 to clean ONE elevator? Just what the heck kind of pee did he have? Sulfuric acid?

Who hasn't wanted to piss on the IRS???

trustf8: Thanks. I was probably squirming in my seat having to pee when I mis-typed that.

Rumor has it GM is hiring the guy to head up investor relations.

and a brief 16 months after he admitted to it, the trial begins.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this but wouldn't an appropriate punishment be for Mr. Hicks to clean the elevator?  This would save taxpayers $4600 and maybe he'll think twice before seeing if he can get away with something.  I say give him a bucket, a sponge, and some Lysol and tell him to clean away.  I'd make him pay for the cleaning supplies too.

When he needed to go to the bathroom he did not submit the correct form in triplicate, so he really had no choice.

Wait till they get the cleaning bill for the IRS headquarters. If we could only get 10,000 angry taxpayer men...

Don't even try to pretend that this guy didn't just do what everyone else has thought about. Or is it just me?

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