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May 27, 2009


...we would probably be tempted to link to this.

(Thanks to fivver)


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Happy Peter?

Yup, I'd say his credentials on this subject check out.

Are you Cumming? Yes, I'm Cumming!

I once had a boss named Dick Pulling, but if he were ever in the military it would have been Pulling, Dick as it is always "last name first, first name last" format!

"Quick - Give me your cell phone camera: the Professor's Cumming!"

Did his wife Merrilee help with the research?

I wonder if the prof. lives anywhere 'round the mountain'...

I wonder what his daughters, Ilbe and Shelby think of Dad's research...

I wonder how well this article was factchecked. Did anyone, for example, call York University to ask if they really do have a Peter Cumming on their faculty?

Peter's Cumming.Get a bucket.

Peter's first or second cumming? Perverted minds need to know!

From his comments, I don't think he knows if he is cumming or going,,,,

Contact information for Dr Cumming at


omg that face... that TIE... that EMAIL ADDRESS is just


I just wanna know.......what were his parents thinking?

Obviously we don't think like most of the people on this blog do. Pervs!

his website picture is a 'money shot'?

Cummming Coordinator of Children's Studies. Yikes.

I bet he's NEVER been paged at an airport...

Yes, could you page passenger Peter Cumming?


Parents can indeed be cruel.

Poor pitiful Peter.  You just know he got picked on as a kid.  In fact he's probably still getting picked on. 

At first my interest was aroused by the story, but quickly I realized the point of the story was anti-climactic, so now I am in the recovery phase.

Time for a quick smoke.


Two more for the 24 Season 8 cast...


I just looked at his tie.AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

In my last company, one of the Executive VP's was named Dick Severance. Ouch!

We had an elected official up here in NH named Dick Swett... I met him once.. thoroughly scrubbed my hands after shaking hands with him. Not sure who I fault more - his parents for naming him Richard or him for deciding to go by Dick!

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