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May 28, 2009



(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff and Jeff Meyerson)


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Another sign of the impending apocalypse: Smurfapalooza

Damn Whitenecks.They're gonna ruin everything.

is our students Smurfing?

My cousins are getting out of control.

The Daily Telegraph reports that more than 3,000 people will take part in the attempt by painting themselves blue and wearing white hats at the city's Oceana nightclub, on June 8.

Call me crazy but I'm betting alcohol is involved.

And Gathering of the Smurfs WBAGNFARB.

Where's Gargamel when you need him???

But watch out for the smurf that smurfs smurfs.

Judging by that photo Smurfs breed like rabbits.

But do they breast-feed non-fat milk?

What's the world's record for the most smurfs in a steel cage, death match with mutant, androgynous teletubbies?

I bet you thought there was no reason to have a neutron bomb. See, missed oportunity...

Thank goodness. I thought it was a bunch of Duke University fans and they were reproducing. I'm a Tarheel fan. Go Heels!

"A total of 395 smurfs attempted to break the world record but unfortunately failed."

Well, duh. They forgot to paint the babies.

Next year, Asterix!

Thank God! this is an awesome idea! ,, thanks for this :)

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