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May 30, 2009


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I'm assuming that Siouxie was looking for kilts when she found this since it is in Scotland. Either that or argyll socks.

cindy, I just thought that a story about beavers being released into the wild was of interest to this blog.

Beavers Gone Wild.

Was there ever any doubt that beavers would enjoy Argyll?

The Royal teeth will now look good by comparison.

If you go into Knapdale Woods today, you're in for a big surprise...

Without actually reading beyond the headline, let me just say that there's really nothing worse than a 400-year-old gap in one's beaver.

Or a 400-year-old beaver, Mr. C.

'Recklessly Irresponsible Beavers' WGAGNFAgirlsRB


Wild Scottish beaver,and Laphroaig® whiskey.Chuck in Mini Cooper and a place to hang your kilt......

ron...who's "Chuck"?

Never mind...NTTAWWT.

I don't understand what all the fuss is about. There have always been wild beavers in Scotland.

A 400-year gap in a beaver? (HI!, Mr. C ... long time no ... um ... nevermind ... )

So ... that sounds rather largish ... how much is that in metric?

Doesn't make sense to me either,Annie.How about Throw in a Mini Cooper.

O the U, LTNS!! I think they measure it in centimeters, but don't know how to do the conversion...

Speaking of 400 year old beavers.. Actually this is off topic but I just read the top 10 places for seniors to retire and 6 of them are in Fla. I didn't realize there were older people there. You learn something new everyday.

O the U,
400 years converts to about 632 hectares.

*SNORKS* at ron!!!

Of course, the Argyll Beavers wbagn...

So is this development related to the Pommey Sergeant's rousing line about "Wake up you lot, hands off lifestyles "Glocks", on with Argyles socks"?

Is that the hectare they crossed with a peach to get a hectarine?

*zips in & jumps behind the blog bar*

*mixes up a batch of Cosmos*

*playing bartender for daughter and her friends*


"Jello ... My name Jose Jimenez."

That geezerism out of the way, please Jello me Siouxie!

After tasting wild beaver of argyll
You'd best be wise to gargyll.

--apologies to Ogden Nash

This is a nice article about one of man's favorite little furry pals.

Or maybe it's about real beavers.

There's a song about this.

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