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May 20, 2009



Ha ha, just kidding. It's actually an update on this item.


(Thanks to Ellie Brecher, who - even though she'd read the above story - tackled the newsroom fridge, sans hazmat gear. "I was looking for some immediate job satisfaction.")


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Wow. Got their own biological warfare going on their.

And also "there".

I will leave you all to wonder on their what.

Bottom one's easy...pizza!

/Totally off topic, but how can a guy not brag!??!?!? Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and Willie Nelson... together... in concert... Best bud just let me know they're (NT or T, as you know...) are going to be in Corpus the same time I'm going to see "said best bud" in South Texas anyway, so HOW can a guy not brag?!?!?! I told her niece, where can I send the check for the tix? I mean, Dylan, Mellencamp, Nelson... HUH??? We go'cher CONCERT right here! I got my tix, where is yours? /Back on topic, if there's really any reason to...

Sorry, one "frodo" be a little bit excited...

I've never wanted job satisfaction THAT badly.

I've never wanted ANY satisfaction that badly.

YAY for frodo !! Hope the concert is the best one of your life !

I'm with Renee - my job description does not include being martyr of the year. I would NOT voluntarily clean out the company fridge. Can't even stand cleaning out my own darn fridge !
All those anonymous foam boxes of horror waiting to pounce on me -

dern it judi, fix the blog, crack the bot over the head, ISIANMTU, it's not a linky-thingy to a BM site or nuthin'!!! But Renee want's "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulVDM0a49Lw" satisfaction!!!

Awwww, jeeez. I can hear crossgirl already; "CJrun, please don't tell me you're going to eat that!"

Butt, Honey, if I just trim a bit off each side....

I hope she got a tetanus shot before tackling that job.

Thanks, tele... and if the linky-thingy (which, after second thought...) WBAlousyNFARB, would work, my link was supposed to be to the Rolling Stones, circa 1847... Jagger had lips that fit his mouth, and what few scenes you see of Keith Richards, he actually looks sober... (way too scary a thought, judi, on second thought, can I back that link off the blog?)

LOL, frodo !

When I first saw the bottom foto, I thought someone had wasted a really nice porterhouse steak, and for that, they should be shot. But Brian came to my rescue and correctly identified the item. I blame the fact that I've never really been a fan of pizza for not recognizing it.

*I know, I know, it's un-American to not like pizza*

Tele, if that was a porterhouse, I'd be the guilty party... it's now on record...

It's a Nukular Science experiment. We have them in our office fridge and I'm the lucky one that gets to throw them out.

Management sucks, huh Siouxie ???

No sh!t, Tel. The thing is...if *I* don't do it, it'll get to the point where it starts to reek and glow. What I do now is throw crap out before it starts to ferment - no questions asked ;-)

I remember I started a new job and on the first day I noticed 1/3 of a tub of Edy's Turtle Sundae ice cream in the work freezer, almost immobilized by frost.

On my last day there, 2 years later, I pried it out and threw it away on principle.

BTW, this was a university epidemiology (study of how diseases spread) office. At least it wasn't Food Science...

Oh, and in a family situation once I related how some food in my refrigerator was starting to go bad and I didn't want to eat it, but I felt guilty about throwing it away, so I let it sit in there for another couple of days until it got so putrid that I could throw it away with a clean conscience.

My sister-in-law snorked and turned red and said, "I'VE done that..."

I told a co-worker about the haz-mat fridge story, which energized him (guyz!!) to clean out our office fridge. The winner was a carton of yougurt that expired in 2001, followed by half a jar of dip that expired in 2002. He left all the stuff with 2008 expiration dates on them in the fridge because "they weren't old enough to throw out." Ewwwwwww.

Where's my pizza, dammit?!!

Yeah, and who stole my baggie full of.... lunch?

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