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May 18, 2009


(Thanks to Allen at Division and Jeff Meyerson)


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Hmmmm...not much crime going on in The Great White North??? Maybe we should export some so they can make some real laws that deal with real problems. Lord knows we have enough to go around.

I guess the Laval PD has solved all its other problems, eh?

First, they came for the pot smokers and the horse buggerers.

That will learn her. Now, when she catches the Swine Flu she can sue.

I'm kinda curious about the tires on her balcony. How many miles per gallon does a balcony get?

There was I time, or so I seem to recall, where in order to legally ride a bicycle in Calgary (or was it Edmonton?), a rider had to have three hands: City ordinances required two hands on the handlebars at all times, and all turns required a hand signal.

Montreal is French, right?


I'd like to see them try that in New York.

That's entrapment. As soon as the cop instructed her to put her hands in the air she was in violation.

Does it count if you clench the handrail between your buttocks ?

Speaking as a former member of the RCMP, I am gratified...it is HIGH TIME that these scofflaws began to be taken into custody.

After all, in Canada, we have already solved problems with other types of crime.

Errr...except for the 63 gang shootings so far this year in Vancouver, where I live, leading to 33 deaths.

And the fact that, because of our huge drug problem, Vancouver now has the highest rate of property crime per capita in North America.

And the fact that we currently have 110 separate street gangs, as well as the mafia, organized chinese & vietnamese crime group.

But apart from that, we have solved our crime problem.

So good for the Montreal-area cops for cracking down on blatant offenders like this woman.

“You in the gray! Hands on the handrail! NOW!!”
--Jacques Bauer

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