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May 20, 2009


If the Dog is after you, it's best not to run.


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Butt, I don't want fleas!!

I call our beagle Dog the Bunny Hunter. At least he doesn't chase cars.

Dog wouldn't last three minutes against JYD.

Dog should be on 24 next season as they are trying to be "more realistic."

Siouxie, now THAT'S a mullet!

Frodo, that's exactly what I was thinking: we have a new mullet poster boy!

Dog has a face that only a mother could love. If she closed her eyes whenever he was around.

OMG, please tell me I haven't started something ugly, Jean...

nursecindy, did you ever work maternity? Not that it matters to me, but I can just imagine some of the FLKs that you've come across and rather than smacking the baby on the butt, you smacked the mother... or the doctor... Dog just seems to fit that category somehow...

Dog would have grabbed the guy from the wreck, but he was late for an appointment at the tanning parlor, the hair stylist, the tattoo parlor, the jewelry store, the personal trainer... Bounty hunters lead a demanding life.

Plus, it's nice to know I can use terms like "FLK" and you know what I'm talking about, even though everbuddy else on the blog is thunking, "Huh??"

Why is this news? Dogs chase cars all the time.

I think Beth tipped the car over. She's one tough MF.

And yet more Dog news -- he 'arrested' somebody in the lobby of a police station. A man who was turning himself in, no less. I think the CSPD can't wait for this one man wrecking crew to go back to Hawaii.

The blog software apparently won't let me link the story, so click on my name to see the new Dog story.

Appropriate name for someone who looks like he should have a duck in his mouth.

this guy should be banned like he was for callin his sons girl a nigga
makes people wreck, jumps a dude tryin to turn himself in at the colorado springs police station
did you see the episode where the youngest couldnt be found after 20 mins of searchin after he rode off on his atv. what was he about nine? he wrecked and no one was there.what if he broke his neck?
reality, mom and dad are lame ass parents cause they too busy worryin about the money.
cant wait till the daughter gets knockedup by an ice meth addict.
beths titties silicone can make about 400 tennis balls or a set of tires for your ride.
lame ass peeps, lame ass show, lame ass brainless fans.

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