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May 26, 2009


Lincoln police Capt. Bob Kawamoto says the man walked into a Kwik Shop convenience store before dawn Monday wearing an empty Bud Light box on his head as a mask.

(Thanks to Jeff Sutton, queensbee and Jonathan)


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Had to be Bud Light.

He was clearly thinking inside the box.

"Hi,Bud.Got a light"?asked the clerk.

"Holy beer case,Batman.It's the Bud Lite Bandit".

shoulda gone with Coors

*snork* @ Siouxie.
Bud Light goggles.


Concealing his mullet.

Sharkie has a mullet?

No panty hose? Musta been all man.

Cold case?

Is there a suggestion here that tobacco use is addictive?

And here the genius is now.

He made off with nine packs of Newport cigarettes, valued at nearly $50, Kawamoto said.

I could have understood it if he did it in NYC, where 9 packs could run him up to $90.

9 packs of Newports here in NC would have run him $30 tops. In fact he could get an entire carton for less than $35. A cheaper off brand is $24 a carton. Not that I'm encouraging tobacco use. I was just surprised at the cost. Jeff, $10 a pack is insane.

Insane is the right word, cindy.

Here in Moscow, about a dollar a pack.

Bob Kawamoto? In Nebraska.

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