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May 22, 2009


Someone donning an ape costume entered Kwik Trip at 1123 W. Johnson St. late Wednesday or early Thursday and took the banana display, said Fond du Lac Police Department Capt. Steve Klein.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie and nursecindy)


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What would you expect an ape to take? Sheeeesh.

"Just relax, hand me the bananas, and do as I say and no one gets crap flung at them!"

Police aren't saying who their primate suspect is.

OOkOOkOOk. What?

How do they know it wasn't an ape dressed like a man dressed like an ape?

"They took the bananas (display)! The whole f#%king display!"

OK, it's no Bluto but it's early yet.

Judi! Cheesewiz gave me a headache! One of the commenters on this story mentioned it could be Bigfoot. Does Bigfoot like bananas?

Kwik Trip, not to be confused with Quik Trip.

Did he make like a banana and split??

*self groan*

I'm willing to bet that was a drunken bet.

The Ape Gang are a slippery bunch. Police are in talks with profilers who say that tickling them may be the best approach. It's called the coochi-coo Chiquita plan. >rimshot<

Have I seen the Ape gang? I see a lot of things. Who's askin'?

Gotta wonder if the ape was put up to it by squirrels.

Fermented fruit was probably involved...

Jessica Lange is a person of interest. The Man in the Yellow Hat had no comment.

back in high school a bunch of band geeks (myself included) went to a shopping mall (summit mall for you ex-northern ohio denizens) in uniform and marched around and played songs at full volume. we even marched into (there was no victoria's secret back then) the lingerie department of sears and played a number there. it was wierd. i think no-one stopped us because since we were in uniform and all they all just assumed that we belonged there for some reason. either that or they were frightened off by the alcohol fumes wafting out of our instruments.

we stole a coke vending machine from the same mall by walking in with a hand truck wearing matching "7up" t-shirts and just loaded it onto the truck and rolled it out.

yes, we were dumb.

When ape suits are outlawed...

Yes! We have no bananas.

(Goes to the back of the Geezer Bus...)

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