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May 26, 2009


Governor General eats raw seal heart to support hunters

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I'll simply be a wolf in sheep's clothing around that babe.

That "babe" is quite accomplished, according to her official biography. Kudos to her for supporting the native practices of the Arctic region. Still, EWWWW.

Attention!!!Down the blog a bit is an item about sucking venom from a dog's nose.It's snot what I want to read right now.

Did she have a nice chianti and some fava beans with that??

Some hunter just lost a huge bet.

Did she stomp on some baby seals while she ate their mother's heart? Can you imagine what PETA would have done if this had happened in the U.S.?

Would you like eyes with that?

Top THAT, Sarah Palin!

I'm having Nunavut.

ah, man. clown puppy beat me by two minutes.

Can we send her to Rush Limbaugh's house?

Did she then rip off the seal's head and vomit down its neck?

One of my best friends went under the knife in Vancouver this morning. Good to know the blood thirsty wench Governor General was nowhere near.

Heidi Klum is not going to be happy about this.

Big deal. It was dead first, wasn't it?

Babe?? Looks like the Church Lady to me...

Eat your heart out, Canada.

Well she makes Sarah Palin look like a saint.

And here in the Good Ol' USA, to show support for hunters, our (ex) VP shoots other hunters in the face. Bunch of pansies up there in the Frozen White North.

You go, girl!

The bot's eating my posts.Fire the bot.Fire the bot keeper.Fire Wally.Fire in the hole!

Fire when ready, ron.

I'm betting that Sarah Palin (AKA "Moose MILF") will eat the heart of a liberal blogger within a week!

My wife grew up in Wisconsin and ate the raw deer hearth of her first kill. glad it was Deer and not dear.

^ - h

The lady is attractive and I'm at least 1200 miles away from her. Not far enough.

CANADA BRITAIN. You see, the Governor General is the Queen's rep in any given Commonwealth country, not Canada's.

You are incorrect CJ. Each country in the Commonwealth has their own Governor General, who is the Queen's representative to that country. The Governor General is a citizen of that country who is nominated by the Prime Minister to the Queen, who approves the appointment. Our current Governor General, Michaelle Jean, was born in Haiti and moved to Canada as a young woman. She later obtained Canadian citizenship. We have not had a English Governor General for about 80-90 years.

Among other things, the Governor General is the Commander in Chief of the Military (not some snotty politician) and has the constitutional power to throw out the government if they get out of hand. It actually happened in Austrailia.

Arctic Al:

That's why we're Yanks and you're not. Ha ha ha.

Trying to avoid the political commentary on a humor columnist's blog, I will just point out that
"Kugluktuk, Nunavut" doesn't anagram into anything... and that's probably a good thing...

Top THAT, Sarah Palin!

Posted by: Clown Puppy

That IS Sarah Palin! When did she become a Commie Canadian??

Me thinks this gesture of solidarity would work equally well here in the US in some circumstances.


Nah. She'd have killed it herself before gutting it and eating the heart.

Besides...this one only ate a little slice. Wuss.

mmmuffumpf, sorry mouth full of pene de morsa. Is the bot bilingual, this is a test.

Question: Does the Bot ever actually do its job?


The Governor General has to be appointed by the Queen of England (or King when appropriate). The Québécois would not trust anyone the Anglophone Canadians appointed, and the Anglophones would not trust anyone the Québécois appointed. So they have to have somebody else do it ; the Queen of England is as logical a choice as any.

"After eating the heart during a stop in Nunavut’s Rankin Inlet, Jean wiped her blood-soaked fingers with a tissue."

Well, at least, she didn't wipe it on her sleeve following a loud grunt of bestial satisfaction.

God Save the Governor General.

I still prefer bacon.

Is red wine traditional with seal heart?

"On Tuesday, Jean arrives in Kugluktuk, Nunavut"...site of the local eating disorder clinic.

Now I get why so many Inuit words sound like barfing. Because they were.

It's a little past breakfast, so I'll set out brunch instead. Bagles, coffee, toast, creamed chipped seal heart, assorted fruits, and Cheerios™.

Chris, hold the seal heart for me. The rest sounds pretty good. Wait a minute. What kind of assorted fruits?

**SNORKS!!** at Annie!!!

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