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May 21, 2009


(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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Car reared.
Car Eared.
Ca Reared,

Key quote:
Staff at the store in Andover, Hants, told how he came in legless wanting to buy spirits. Checkout girls refused to serve him.
I hope this means something else in the Kings English. Otherwise he's got a heckuva discrimination case against them. I wish I had a 'roller'. I used to tell people I had a 'vette'. What I didn't tell them was it was a Chevette.

Rolls Royce™ makes a darn good car - I can't see even the trace of a ding or any broken headlights!

The picture tells the story. Look at which aisle he was headed for.

Staff at the store in Andover, Hants, told how he came in legless wanting to buy spirits.

cindy: 'legless' means, basically, he was too drunk to stand up.

legless Adj. Very drunk. Obvious derivation from the consequences of excessive alcohol.

Thanks Jeff. It kind of broke my heart to think of a poor, crippled, man crawling into a store for a drink only to be denied and then, using hand controls because he couldn't work the pedals, accidentally crashing into the store and then getting arrested.

How did he come in legless?

Notice that in the top photo, they block the license plate number for privacy, but that it is clearly visible in the second pic as the car is towed away!
Outstanding journalism.

*Doobie Brothers music is interrupted*

"Cleanup on aisle 4! Porter with a mop, broom, dumpster and tow truck, aisle 4, please."

*Doobie Brothers music resumes*

Drunk drives a Rolls into a liquor store to get more alcohol? Alcohol wasn't just involved. It was the cause, the effect, AND the (sob!) victim.

O.K,ploughed I can live with,but I ain't buying "carrered".Legless ain't no problem either.Been there,.

I stand dejected.Careered is to,"charge at full speed".Slinks off.With dictionary.

Except that the Rolls was diSpirited by the collisions, the car was unmarked after all that frivolity. I wonder who ran off with the hood ornament?

I'm thinking that the hood ornament will end up displayed on the wall of the store...once, that is, Tesco's rebuilds it.

Too bad they didn't swipe the grille of that Rolls as well...

*makes note to self to buy Rolls as soon as I can afford one*

I too was amazed at the lack of damage in the photo! One little disagreement with a boulder and the front bumper of my F250 crumpled like a milk carton...

*snork* @ cindy's 'vette'.
Cowprint, I think there might be one for you for sale in Andover now, missing hood ornament, smells of spirits.

I thought Joe Biden was in Lebanon.

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