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May 28, 2009


The Wearable Towel!

(Thanks to Glen Page)


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Soon someone will be marketing bedsheet togas to university students for parties.

Now there's one hoopy frood who's really got her towel!

What is:
What Steeler fans wave at games?

Posted by: Elmer J. Fudd

It must be hard to be too stoooopid to tie your bathrobe.

So do you wear your Snuggie over that or under?

How much longer must we wait to have these for our pets?

At least we got a video! Albeit tame.

Ya know ... these things have been around for years. Mostly used by college girls for going to and from the shower from their rooms.

Finally, I can do something with all of those old towels with holes in them.

*snork* @ CJ!

What will they think of next for the morons of the world??

Beaten to the patent office once again!

A snuggie for Southerners.

Watch it Alan. There's a couple of us Southerners on this blog.

Does it come in powder puff blue????

Haven't they had these for years ? I think I bought my Mom one about twenty years ago. It was pink, with a polka dot ribbon around the top to cover the velcro strips.

with all this removal of shame there is only one step remaining: the wearable exposed adult diaper.

*Snorks!* at Martini... Actually, tho', I see two steps, because then someone would rob a convenience store wearing nothing but the towel and a Bud Lite carton on his/her head...

Toga! Toga!

And speaking of stupid, here's a wonderfully apt little item from OINY:

College student with Boston accent: Yeah, I was reading this article in like Newsweek or something, that ranked the states from smartest to dumbest. Massachusetts was in the top ten.
College student with Miami accent: What about Florida?
College student with Boston accent: Florida was like, 47.
College student with Miami accent: Out of how many?


I'm guessing they'd sell better if the women were demonstrating the "toga-style"... jus' sayin'...

The boyfriend is so getting one of these. If he had one, he wouldn't have walked out into the backyard two Sunday morning's ago and startled a would be burglar completely naked -- the boyfriend, not the burglar (because it's not like we live in Miami where I'm sure the burglars are perfectly free to wander around naked).

Three words:

Terry cloth robe.

(try here if you really want one)

To-ga ! To-ga ! To-ga !

I dunno Boo, I think startling the clothes off a wood-bee burglar is a good strategy. Alternatives like disarming them are usually too messy.

That's terrible, Elmer.

Or possibwy tewwibul.

rofl at NotSherly!
And you get a free ugly backpack with your 20$ ripped towel!

Something new to borrow when your car hits a water buffalo. (waiting, waiting....)

Waiting with Mshark...........

The good news is that these are not sold in stores.

It's made out of....tear-y cloth.

and now ... there is one hooppppy frood who's really really got her towel! :)

It really looks like they just took a big beach towel and put three large buttonholes in it!

I personally think it's a great look.

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