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May 27, 2009


Do you recognize this man?


(Thanks to somebody whose email I appear to have deleted, making it necessary to fire judi)


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Down in the dumpster! It's a rat. It's a roach. It's BudBoxBoy.

Bud Light Salutes You, Mr. Beer Box on the Head Robber

Better call in the Cold Case Squad.

Rats, I thought I recognized him....but the guy at the end of my block usually wears a Miller Beer box on his head when he's doing something illegal.

.....have to remember this one for Halloween

Do you have a photo lineup?

Uhoh, I believe Dave is having short term memory issues:

Lincoln police Capt. Bob Kawamoto says the man walked into a Kwik Shop convenience store before dawn Monday wearing an empty Bud Light box on his head as a mask.

(Thanks to Jeff Sutton, queensbee and Jonathan)

Posted by Dave on May 26, 2009 at 12:19 PM
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I see a Judi firing coming on.

Thanks to ???????????

Is Dave okay? This was on the blog the other day(yesterday) and he forgot who to thank. Alas poor Dave, we knew him well.

This is the second Bud LightMan robbery. It's a crime wave. Or a publicity stunt for the next Batman or Spider-Man movie.

I think that might be my brother. Or my dad. Or my other brother.

Thanks to everyone who ever sent something in and didn't get credit.

He'll be arrested and sent to jial where he'll be sadder, but wiser...

Jeff, didn't you send this in yesterday at 8 a.m.?

Do you recognize this man?

Sure. That's Bud!

(Panting) Oh man, I was nervous there for a second. I don't drink Light Beer. Whew!

Great taste, less filling. Great mask, less brains.

For those quick to point out Dave's senility: This article is an update - the Lincoln PD just released the security camera pictures. He's deeply concerned with your safety, and by safety, I mean amusement.

".....described as a black male about 5'6" with a thin build. He was reportedly wearing a black shirt, black jeans, white tennis shoes, and a beer box on his head."

Sounds like Ninja Budman. Alcohol must have been involved--he forgot to wear his black sneakers.

A black guy in Nebraska? How hard can he be to find?

It wasn't me. I would never rob a convenience store wearing anything as tacky as a Bud Light box. For one thing, that shade of blue doesn't go with any of my outfits. And, too, I lean more toward microbrew IPAs. Possibly a nicely ormanmented brown plastic growler.

Also, I'm neither black nor thin.

I just hope Bud Light boxes for hats supplants exposed boxers and backward baseball caps as a fashion statement.

A plastic growler?!? Yeah, that's about all those are good for.

Bud Light? No class, no class at all.

Wanted:Thin black man with square head.Must be dressed in black with white shoes.Must have green rag around arm.Must have box on head.No mention of the color of the box.Shoddy reporting.Fire someone.Need man to occupy vacant cell in Lincoln,Nebraska jail.Out.

Looks like he wasn't stout.

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