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May 26, 2009


Nothing says "I DO" like a machine gun on full auto.

(Thanks to Malcolm Hoar)


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But will the bride still wear a white kevlar vest for the ceremony?

I know a couple of people I could forward that link to...

Roast skeet for the reception dinner.

Judging by the picture, she needs to get married now.

My SIL was very young, 19, when she married my brother. (He was 23.) So many people remarked about how awfully young she was to be married that we started putting "Shotgun" in front of her name. I wish they'd had this as an option for their wedding. It would've been less redneck.

As much as I approve of the bride's attire, I think she's too far along to go shooting. Loud noises and recoil can't be good for mother or baby, right?

well, innnnat special.

Allen, that all is the best thing in the world for a redneck baby. Just like training a huntin' dog.

Okay, maybe I just didn't want Cute Mom to hurt herself...or induce labor on the range.

Tonight on a very special episode of "My Name is Earl"...

"Hold mah beer and watch THIS!"

I actually would have done this for my bachelorette party! As it was, it ended up being pretty lame because my maid of honor was fundementalist Christian so we couldn't go see male eye candy...

GIL, I was 22 when I married my 29 year old hubby - it took finally turning 30 to for his friends to stop calling me his "child bride"!

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