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May 27, 2009


Why is there buttock stabbing in Rome?

(Thanks to Jeff Arch)


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Why not?

I bet there's also buttock stabbing on Uranus.

"Puncicate" is mainly about hurting rival fans but not killing them, says John Foot...


"Stab City"? Did they steal that from Miami?

Because pinching is for women, stabbing is for men.

In related news, British men pinched on Crete for flashing their buttocks.

As a nurse I feel it is my duty to go to Rome and help these poor men that have been stabbed in the buttocks. A little TLC can go a long way to making them feel better. I took an oath after all.

"Anals & Demons"

Are we to assume that the poor puncicated person pictured in the post is a butthead. We'll have to ask our travel agents.

*Snork* @ Sharkie's excellent physics reference. What can Brown do for you?

So I need to get some butt armor before going to one of these games! People go crazy over sports, while I was living in Brazil lots of street fights would break out between rival fans and it got so bad that the government had to ban the use of appearal that was sports oriented. Couldn't even wear your teams colors. I don't think it helped much.
Lord out.

Football (soccer), a gentlemen's game, played by hooligans.

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