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May 21, 2009


...this man will receive a Florida driver's license.

Be sure to watch the video.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Wichita gonna do when they come for you . . .

The video is the most liberating thing I've seen since I entered my tiny windowless office two hours ago. (It's worth the loss of privacy to have CCTV taping stuff like this:)

wow I'm glad I'm on 2nd floor. checks stairs for errant vehicles.

dayum ... it's a wonder he didn't actually hit someone during his tour of duty.

Lots of space in this City Hall

Lots of space in this City Hall

wow, you'd think they'd SAY in the news story whether or not anyone was hurt, wouldn't ya? great reporting, folks.

Very Blues Brothers.

He was on a mission from God.

You gotta admire a guy who acts on his convictions.

Do you really think that he qualifies for a Florida DL? That's actually very good driving!

Removing your tires to go through security is such a pain.

Terrible thing this guy did but I really enjoyed watching the video. It does remind me of the Blues Brothers. "Oh look! Pier One!" was one of my favorite lines. It was pretty good driving.

THat was classic! Every time he went by and more cops ran out you could tell they were saying, "WTFBBQ?!?!"

Of course, he was channeling D-Day in Animal House and yelling, "Ramming speed!!!"

And this was all about being told to turn down the music on his radio? I hope the judge included 122 months of Barry Manilow being piped into his cell.

I couldn't help but hear the Benny Hill theme music every time I saw the ever-increasing number of cops chase after the car.

Kin you say,"methanphetamine?"

Kin you?

Davec, the government is trying to stop torture of prisoners so I doubt they could include that. What would be really fitting is 8 hours of Barry Manilow music, 8 hours of Yoko Ono music, and 8 hours of that song where the guys are singing about the pineapples shaking the tree. It was on the blog about a month ago and is STILL going through my head.

cindy, I think 8 minutes of Yoko would do it.

That extra two months was for making fun of the journalist's name when the Wichita Eagle came to cover the story.

The two cops chasing on foot sold it for me! Not exactly Riggs from "Lethal Weapon".

Not all that bad for the guys first attempt.

ok, so crazy_lazy_bear got a link to post -- twice, even -- wonder why he's more successful than everyone else? Testing, testing! Yay?

Two comments: his car clearly went right through the metal detector, so he might be clear on that point and what kind of music was he listening to? That must have been something really inspiring.

Was that an echo "crazy_lazy_bear"?

Loudmouth - I think in this case he was acting before his convictions.

Hut hut hut hut hut HUT hut hut hut.

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