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May 28, 2009



(Thanks to jon harris)


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Apparently Archie spilt his ink and Veronica is pregnant, so it's a shotgun wedding.

It's nice to see Archie defying the zeitgeist and following the money.

Richie Rich is going to be pissed.

I can't wait to see the honeymoon storyboard.

Veronica must have been the first to give Archie Cockchafer.

Poor Betty, If she would only try at least once.

Who said blondes have more fun?

Archie's been Veronica's Secret all these years.

I think that this will all turn out to be happening in an alternate universe, not our real world.

I read somewhere that Nostradamus had predicted this. Or was it Jerry Falewell? No, that was the Teletubbies.

Clown Puppy

I thought Archie and Jughead were already co-habitating in San Francisco.


Smart move going with the rich hot brunette who puts out.

When the "Apocalypse Update" gets to Gilligan choosing Ginger over MaryAnn, we will have no more "updates"- it's here...


Veronica could do better.

Will this be reflected in the Dailies?

Well it sure made for a great publicity move by Archie.

Considering he is a ginger-headed mook who drives a jalopy he could have done a lot worse.

Does that mean that Reggie's stuck with Betty?

And Betty was complaining about it on her blog.

In other news: Cartoon characters have their own blogs?

And here I thought all the cool people were on Twitter...

Why is it when I read Jughead, I think motorboat?

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