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May 20, 2009


PORT ST. LUCIE — A 39-year-old man accused of battling police and daring an officer to use pepper spray was arrested after saying, “Someone put a ditch in my truck,” according to recently release records.

(Thanks to Danny)


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"[D]epriving an officer of communications"?

Nincompoopery may have been involved.

This seems like an appropriate place to tell y'all about my new (to me), 100% free, beer fridge.

I got it from a friend's boat, for free, I have a solar charger and battery from cg's sailboat sitting out here in the Lair Of Manliness, YESSS!

cg's not very impressed, as we picked it up while we were in her minivan and I had removed her back seat, to fit it in. Apparently a cat decided to pee on the temporarily removed seat. I'm in deep Tancredo.

I think I'll go get a fridge out of my beer....

CJ, you better make room for your sorry ass in that fridge. Then put said fridge in da dog house.

In the cold light of the following dawn,things looked entirely different to Mr. Rezec.

Better go get you a bottle of Febreze, CJ, and a dozen roses. Red roses.

Wait. I take that back.
Get you the bottle of Febreze, CJ, and a really good six pack of beer - that goes in cg's fridge - in the house - for her - and her alone - and no sharesies.

AND the roses !

*stupid pills - that's what it is, and Al Gore*

I thought CJ was telling us he had given up drinking beer. The first time I read that I thought it said beer free fridge. Forget the roses CJ. You owe cg a new minivan.

They'll use the Depriving an Officer charge if he gets acquitted on the others.

"[D]epriving an officer of communications"?

Yeah, he broke the cop's middle finger.

Soon they're going to put a jail around him.

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