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May 19, 2009


Exploding Patio Furniture

Key Excerpt Implicating a Known Convicted Felon: Yvonne took her search to the Internet and found hundreds of complaints about the Martha Stewart patio table exploding.

(Thanks to Danny)


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"Yeah, you'll get cut, you'll get peppered up a little bit but you won't get the long scars with numerous hundreds of stitches," said Buysse comparing tempered glass which breaks into small pieces, to regular glass which breaks into large sharp pieces.

he later added , "It's a good thing."

Irish terrorists!

Now Exploding Martha Stewart would be a reality show I couldn't keep away from watching!

*gets bag of Cheesus and waits, hopefully*

it blowed up REAL good!

"The glass made there just doesn't seem to be the same quality we have in America. So, I think the incidents of glass blowing up is a lot higher," said Buysse.

derned furniers anyway!!! In 'Merica, we make glass that explodes when we SAY it should!!!

by the bye, *SNORKS* at Jeff on the "Chessus" comment!!!

Martha Stewart will cut yo ass!

"Now it's time for the penguin on the glass table to explode..."

The whole piece shattered in an instance.

instance or instant?

Isn't this a violation of Ms. Stewart's parole?

Why, oh why, couldn't it be Martha instead of the furniture? A female relative (by marriage) spent seven weeks with us over the winter. She watched Martha EVERY day and took notes. That meant I was exposed to Martha almost every day and I thought my soul would rot. Then it would explode.

I guess the glass was ill tempered.

Lesson to be learned: do not by products that are made in China!

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