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May 20, 2009


Goose shooter cleared over wayward toilet seat pot shot

(Thanks to Dr. Doug)


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OK, what do we outlaw here - toilets? Geese? What?

Wayward Toilet WBAGNFARB, or an Adam Sandler movie.

One thinks of the toilet room as a castle, a refuge, safe and secure and with adequate reading material. If this had happened while occupied a heart attack might have ensued...

I need more coffee just to follow the headline.

I had to stop half-way through the headline and get another cup of coffee Annie. 1.6 kilometers is an awfully long way for a bullet to travel. At least I'm assuming it is since I don't know the metric system.

Cindy it equal close to .99419 miles.

Cindy, apparently bullets will go a long way to find a toilet they like.

"I'm not surprised, he manages to hit the toilet seat every single time he takes a damned leak in the morning!"

Guy must be a butt crack shooter.

shoddy reporting... we don't know what kind of weapon was used, so 1.6 Kilos isn't that far out of the realm... but to ricochet that far, ... Jack could do it, if the toilet seat had a thigh...

I want to know why he was using what had to be a high power rifle to shoot at a goose. Usually, geese and other water fowl are hunted with a shotgun... which could NEVER hit a toilet seat, or anything else, 1.6 K away!

I'm stealing from the comments on the page that reported the story, wondering whether Dick Cheney was anywhere in the vicinity.

1,6 km seems a very long distance for me, but I have to admit, I have no knowledge of weapons.
@NotSherly: I love your sentence. It made me laugh, a not so good action while sitting at work.

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