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April 24, 2009


They aren't kidding.

(Thanks to klezmerphan)


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Now if they were just that hard on real criminals with real criminal records, the world would be a better place.

Mom, Dad, I'll return the money I took from the dresser if you clear it from my record.

So the people running the DMV don't know that 9 years is more than 36 months? Why am I not surprised?

He should submit his high-scores on "Gran Tourismo" as a counter-arguement.

Good grief.

He should come to Florida. He's guaranteed a license here.

Umm...here's a more general question raised by this article: is it a good idea for any 15 year old to drive?

I read the statute in question several times and I must need more coffee or beer or something.

I dunno, I was driving (on a learners) at 15. Gotta learn sometime. I'd been riding a bicycle on public streets for years. Got my first speeding ticket (well, a warning) on an old schwinn 10 speed when I was 13 or so.

Doing 30 in a 25 zone.

Steep hill.

So this means I can revoke Son #1's license becuz he started the pickup and "drove" it, pushing our parking barrier halfway to the house, when he wuz four years old? (He's 29 now ... dang! Could've saved a BUNCH of money on insurance premiums, even without callin' the Gecko ... )

He should have used his fake ID when he was six instead of the real one.

I would love to see the permanent records of some of the blog members. I was the perfect child and never caused my parents any problems. My brother, however, was a different story.

So Colorado (where I've lived for the last two years) they allow 15-year-olds to drive. I honestly didn't know this. It sure explains the standard of driving around here...

Yep, I've always been pretty perfect too.

Oh, yeah...

...and that one...
...there was that time...
...hee-hee, forgot that one...
...the stolen stop sign, ah-huh...
...I really WANT to forget that one...
...geeze I was crocked then...
; )

*performs the "I Got Posted! Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance™"*

Mr. Wiredog, I'm afraid we're going to have to revoke your license.

Thankfully my underage records are sealed 2000 miles away and are under a different name from before my entry in the Witness Protection Program.

I ran around the front yard nekkid when I was six. Is that on my record???

Florida would have given him a license when he was 6.

*checking carefully crafted online dossier...*

Yes, I was surprisingly perfect as well.

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